The Very First Quarter

4th grade starting from the very first quarter

How I feel

I feel happy and nervous at the same time. I have a little chill down my spine. I wondered about what the teachers are going to say about me when the parents asked. I feel like the parents liked the fear fest but I had another feeling.... I felt like the parents also felt like it was a bit un-comfortable because the mat was not that big of a space to cover and we had a very little amount of the chairs. I saw some that looked squished because there was a lot of parents. Overall I feel happy because I only have 1 B! That is pretty okay. And this first quarter went awesome. P.S (Mr.Crame is not that evil!!)

My Best Accomplishment In The First Quarter

My best accomplishment is learning the 6 traits of writing and putting them into my writing. It happens sometimes. The 6 traits of writing include: Ideas, organization, voice, word choice,sentence fluency,and lastly conventions. These really help your writing

even though I am still memorizing them and working to go deeper into each one of them.

My Biggest Challenge During Quarter 1

My biggest challenge in the first quarter is probably FEAR FEST. It is because we had to add the 6 traits in our writing,speak very loudly,and most characters have to remember their lines. It was also hard because it took time effort and definitely a bunch of brain power. It also makes us think and write deep about the 6 traits. I think it also really helped us alot by learning a how to think and write deeper and better. It was a challenge but I also really enjoyed it.

My Goal For The Next Quarter

My goal for the next quarter is to be able to use the 6 traits in my writing more often and get deeper into it so I can understand them more. It is my goal because I want my writing to improve a lot this year. I will accomplish my goal by adding the 6 traits in almost every thing I write and think deeply about about it every time. I will also ask my self what are the 6 straits before I start writing.This is an important goal for me because I want to be better and writing.


For math I can not believe that I am already on 3-6. That means 3 more lessons and then I can move on to lesson 4! I am very excited. Plus Mr.Crame said that we could work at our own pace and I think that is really good. Now we could work at our own pace which means if you are slower you could work slower and if you are faster you could work faster. That makes math extremely fun. GO MATH!!!

To: Mama and Papa

I hoped you enjoyed this. This is the flyer I created for you guys to read and see my biggest challenge and my best accomplishment and the goal for the next quarter. I hope I got good grades.