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An interview with Babcia

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We all have traditions whether we realize it or not and we hold them so dearly because they are a part of us. We do them year after year because they define who we are and bring us all together. Sean Crawford sat down with his grandma (Babcia) to learn more about how these traditions started and why they still keep them as a big part of his family today.



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Me: So, I’m here with my grandma. I’m talking to her about the traditions we have. So, I was wondering where our traditions come from.

Babcia: Well, some of our traditions are just family things, and others are the fact that we are of Polish descent. So, we do things that are typically Polish, like celebrating christmas eve in a special way, because on christmas day we do more things like exchanging gifts and so forth.

Me: So, what about the Kozak open specifically?

Babcia: Yeah, I was gonna get to that.

Me: So, the Kozak open is a golf outing we do every year.

Babcia: Well, it started maybe about twenty or twenty-five years ago when four men in the family got together and played golf and it’s grown and grown and grown and today, how many people get together? Fifty? And then, that same whole clan, as i said easily fifty people, get together right before christmas and we have a big christmas party. These have just kind of grown as a chance for the whole family to get together. I think the biggest celebration we have, other than that is christmas it’s self. And your mom and dad have christmas eve: vigilia...

Me: Which is different from the christmas party.

Babcia: Yeah, this is really the night before christmas. That is really your mom and dad’s sisters and brothers and their family. And I [laughter] I’m the only one of my generation usually. And thanksgiving? I remember one year we broke tradition and we went out for dinner on thanksgiving day. We were so disappointed! It wasn’t the same because it wasn’t traditional! So, sometimes when you break tradition, you find out what tradition really means!

Me: What do you think is your value in having these traditions?

Babcia: For one thing, it makes us unique, it makes us who we are, and it makes us appreciate what we have, what god has given us, and what we for ourselves to make it our special day and to make us what we are, because our traditions helped us to just grow and it’s what we mean to each other and to ourselves sometimes. And it just makes your life richer. It doesn’t take money to make you rich. It’s things like that and we get to love each other and to know each other that much more specially. I imagine all the traditions change a little bit over the years: primarily because, well, remember, we started out, when we’re first married with no children. And then within the first year we had a baby, and then we had other children, now their children have children, and pretty soon, their children are even gonna have children! So, because children grow up, you do things a little differently and you don’t even think about it! you kind of adapt. Any other questions?

Me: Nope

Babcia: Is that about it?

Me: Yeah. Well, thank you for letting me do this interview. That was great!

Babcia: Well, thank you for having me! I enjoyed doing it!

Interview (uncut)


Tradition by user881097736