Ancient Macedonia

Ancient Macedonia has many kings like King Philip, father of Alexander The Great. Philip was known for his Empire building. He became leader of Macedonia in 365 BC, then was officially king on 357 BC. He was assassinated in July 336 BC, at the age of 46.

Alexander was born in Pell, in 365 BC . He had a son named Philip the second. He died June 7, 323 BC of a fever in Babylon. It was found 808 BC and dissolved 146 BC. The capital was Edessa Pella. He was known as Alexander The Great.

United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth 11 (1952) Prime Minister-David Cameron (2010). In 2004 the population was about 60 million people. Constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which king or queen acts as Head of States. Government the UK has two houses, the lord with 574 peers , the common house has 651 popularity elected members. The type of government is the Constitution monarchy and commonwealth realm. A constitutional monarchy,is a form of government in which kING OR Queen acts as Head of States. This entry gives the basic form of government. Definition of the major governmental terms are as follows.