Paparazzi's Going Overboard

Are Celebrities Tired Of Being Followed All The Time?

Rumors Spreading

Rumors spread very fast on media when being a celeb. Just one mistake or even one word said they'll switch up your words to make everyone around the world believe it. You can try to keep your life private but paparazzi's always find their way around to make you mad. Soon you'll see a lot of people around the world believing the media. Just to destroy you.

Being harassed

Everywhere they go they always have a camera shoved in their face. Just by opening their mouths they can get the Celeb mad. Angry enough to start something with them just to pull a punch so they can have prices against them. They do anything to ruin a celebrities life. Some aren't as bad some are just very ignorant, and enjoy what they do. Take a second to think about what celebrities go through. Nobody wants to be followed or token pictures, very unnecessary.

Personal Freedom

Celebrity's are never alone anymore. Paparazzi stand outside some star's house all day and all night, peering in windows trying to get the perfect picture of them, and these aren't flattering pictures. They're trying to get them in the worst light ever. Even if it's not what the celebrity is doing as long as it LOOKS bad, it's good with them. Plus, a lot of paparazzi jump out at celebrity's, snapping bright lights so they can't even see where they are going, and often times they are yelling at the celebrity's saying obscene things trying to get them mad. It's ridiculous. That's why celebrity's are often seen yelling and fighting with them. It's because they're pushed to the limit. They can only take so much.