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Energy is Amazing

Something You Didn't Know About Light Energy

Like sound vibrations they can not be seen and are produced by vibrations. Light doesn't have to go through matter. They can go through a vacuum like a black hole where there is no matter.

This picture shows how light energy can be turned into chemical, thermal, and or electrical energy.

Something Amazing About Sound Energy

Sound is caused by the vibration in an object. The air particles around it also vibrate which transmits this energy to your ear so you can hear it.

Sound energy is caused by vibrations and are carried to our ears.

The Facts About Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is caused by splitting the nucleus of a large atom or combining two small nuclei. This energy is used to generate electrical energy at nuclear power plants.

This picture shows the process of fusion.

All About Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is caused by the random motion of particles that make kinetic energy. The faster the particles move the higher the temperature. Temperature also depends on the number of particles.

What Is Chemical Energy

Chemical energy happens when the compound changes as its atoms are rearranged. Chemical energy is a form of potential energy because it depends on the position and arrangement of the atoms.

The hamburger in this picture was made with chemical energy.


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