Lake Pointe Elementary Showcase

May 15, 2015

Lake Pointe Elementary

Friday, May 15th, 8am-2:30pm

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Austin, TX

LPE's greatest projects by grade level



Kindergarten is the foundation year for learning letters and sounds as well as for reading and writing. We begin our journey in September with the focus on letters. We learn to recognize the written form, the sound the letter makes and then how to write each letter. Also, during this time we are practicing blending sounds to create words. After lots of practice with letter recognition and word building, we move into reading and writing words and sentences. The students are excited to learn to write which comes at a perfect time because in Kindergarten a foundation for writing is taught. Kindergarten focuses on capitalization at the beginning of a sentence, punctuation at the end of a sentence, plus the correct spelling of high-frequency words and phonetic spelling.

In the projects hung on display, you can see all of the concepts about letters, sounds and writing that we have learned since the beginning of the year. The students chose a letter and wrote about a Kindergarten lesson or topic that began with that letter. They utilized all of the skills they have learned this year in order to complete this project. The students have come so far since the first day of school in August!

ABCs and sounds

Earth Day Promise

Earth Day in April is a wonderful time for Kindergarten students to bring together many skills they have been working on all year. In math they have learned about three-dimensional shapes including spheres. In science they have learned about matter and ways to describe its physical properties including size, mass, shape, color and texture. Students understand that all organisms have basic needs and recognize the interdependence of organisms in the natural world. They have studied the physical characteristics of our planet including landforms, bodies of water, and natural resources. In Kindergarten the students used critical thinking for scientific problem solving when we talked about how we can take care of the Earth and why we should take care of the Earth. They made wonderful connections between how pollution in the air and water will affect them, and how using up or wasting natural resources will affect them. The students created two-dimensional models of the Earth by coloring land and water with markers on a coffee filter and then spraying it with water to blend the ink. Then with play dough they created three-dimensional models of the Earth. Due to the classes’ interest in volcanoes we extended our learning to understand about the layers of the Earth in order to comprehend where magma comes from and how it becomes lava. Then the students wrote beautiful promises to the Earth. Using all of their writing, spelling, and editing skills, they accomplished a polished piece of writing.

Oviparous Animals

Oviparous is a zoological term that refers to animals that produce and lay eggs that hatch outside of the body. Our class learned that all birds, most fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, arachnids, and two primitive mammals (the platypus and echidnas) are oviparous. During the study of life science students recognize the interdependence of organisms in the natural world. They investigate living and non- living organisms in terms of their basic needs, life cycles and physical characteristics. Students learn that offspring resemble their parents and have structures and processes that help them survive within their environment. After learning about animals all year from the start of our farm unit to chicks in the spring our class had lots of fun creating their own oviparous animal. They simply cut and glued construction paper to create their masterpieces.


1st Grade

Animal Research Posters

2nd Grade

Community Projects

In Social Studies this year, Second Graders studied community landmarks and good citizens. The students recreated the cities of Austin and Bee Cave using different landmarks including bridges, parks, statues, and buildings. They also created replications of people who show good citizenship such as teachers, parents, grandparents, athletes, and government officials. This was a fun way to learn about the community we live in!

Biography Projects

Second Graders spent several weeks reading biographies. They explored the impact these individuals had on society and the world around them. They then chose the person they found most interesting to share with their classmates. These are their projects.

Build an Insect

The students spent time investigating some of the unique stages insects undergo during their life cycle. They observed, recorded and compared the physical characteristics of insects including butterflies and ladybugs. After the students understood what an insect was and what was needed to be an insect, they put their creativity and knowledge into the creation of their own insect. The students also wrote shape poems to describe their insect.
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3rd Grade

Culture Dolls

In Social Studies, third grade has been learning about immigration. Students did an independent study on his/her family's cultural history and heritage. They then designed a doll to reflect the country of which his/her family immigrated from.

Solar System

Third grade has been studying The Solar System in Science. As a part of this unit, students were assigned to research a planet of our solar system and design a three dimensional model representing it.

Math Story Problems on Elapsed Time

Throughout the school year, third graders are presented with a variety of math story problems. In this activity, students used their knowledge of elapsed time to make up their own story problems. They show how to reach the answer using a number line as well as an analog clock.

4th grade

Electrical houses

As a culminating activity for our unit on electricity, each fourth grade student used a shoe box to design a room which would be part of a four or five room home. The students wired their rooms with a power source, a light bulb and a switch, then decorated the rooms using various materials including furniture, wallpaper, carpet, and other accessories.
Schoolhouse Rock: "Electricity, Electricity"

Living Museum

Each fourth grader has read about the life of a famous Texan, American, or person from another part of the world. Here you can see the biography research project in an exciting living museum presentation. Each child has created a poster that will display aspects of their famous person's life. They have also dressed in costume to portray their chosen individual by stepping into their famous person's life and sharing what they have learned.

5th grade



By R.J. Palacio

August Pullman was born with a facial difference that, up until now, has prevented him from going to a mainstream school. Starting 5th grade at Beecher Prep, he wants nothing more than to be treated as an ordinary kid—but his new classmates can’t get past Auggie’s extraordinary face. WONDER, now a #1 New York Times bestseller and included on the Texas Bluebonnet Award master list, begins from Auggie’s point of view, but soon switches to include his classmates, his sister, her boyfriend, and others. These perspectives converge in a portrait of one community’s struggle with empathy, compassion, and acceptance. (inside jacket, Wonder)

The fifth grade students, as a group, delved into this great novel this year. As a result, there were many discussions on human differences, how we treat one another, and how we can appreciate the uniqueness of each individual. In addition to these philosophical discussions, there were many opportunities to study the author’s craft through point of view, foreshadowing, and character motivation.

The students chose their favorite character from the story and, using Tagxedo, made a picture of that character by entering describing attributes.

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Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Creating the Earth with Kinder and 5th grade

Our fifth graders worked with their kinder buddies to help create a model of our Earth.

Student Slides over the Earth

Sculpture Project

The students were asked to design a 3-D sculpture as a class using rectangular prisms that has a volume that is no more than 13,824 cubic inches and no less than 8 cubic inches. Each face of the prism must be decorated to represent attributes that represent who you are and what is important in your life. Each face of the rectangular prism represents one of the six important events. When everyone brought their decorated rectangular prism into class, 5 huge sculptures were created. Each of these are how our fifth graders are unique and different from each other and we discovered that we are more alike than we thought! As a class we will calculate the total volume of the sculptures.

5th Grade Regional Science Fair

The 12 students from our LPE Science Fair were invited to attend the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair at the Palmer Event Center on February 27, 2015. Our students represented LPE very well and brought back 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons!

Watch the Animoto video below from this event.

Discovery Students

Homemade Paper

All of the discovery students made paper using shredded paper, water, and paint to add color. Students embellished their paper using greenery from LPE garden and glitter.
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4th and 5th grade Discovery students created quilling artwork. Students used strips of construction paper and manipulated the strips, and with surgeon hands, glued the paper strips onto a background to create a beautiful design.

Quilling is an art form that can be traced to the 15th century. French and Italian nuns used quilling designs to decorate religious objects. They embellished these objects with gilded paper to simulate iron, which was costly.

Quilling later became confined to the upper classes in Europe. It was a way to spend time leisurely and was not too taxing.

Today, there are quillers around the globe and even at LPE.

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Kente Paper Rug

A kente rug is made from strips of multicolored cloth woven in patterns of bright colors, geometric shapes, and bold designs.

Kente comes from the word kenten, which means basket.

Legend has it that the kente was first made by two friends after watching a spider make a web. The two friends later copied the spider's weaving into a beautiful rug.

Discovery third grade students used paper to recreate the kente rug.

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Newspaper Art

Second grade Discovery students created sihouette pictures using newspaper as a background.
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5th Grade Impressionism

5th Grade Orange Day Train Composition
Yellow Day Impressionism Water Lilies

School-Wide Opera Collaboration

The student body learned about opera compositions from a local opera singer, Bob Schneider. Below are some video examples of the learning process with Mr. Schneider!
1st Grade Learning Opera
Orange Day 3rd Grade Opera
5th Grade Opera Music

Second Grade studying science of acoustics

The second grade learned how the length of an instrument affects the sound frequencies, thus affecting the pitch. They explored this through the use of an instrument called Boomwhackers.
Jingle Bells Second Grade

Music in Patterns of Three

The kindergarten class used movement to develop a kinesthetic awareness of music arranged in patterns of three. The video below shows the blue day kindergarten class dancing to a waltz.
Blue Day Kinder Waltz

LTISD Elementary Honor Choir

Twenty-five fifth grade students were selected to sing in the inaugural LTISD Elementary Honor Choir. The choir was composed of students from each of the elementary schools. The students performed at the LTISD Elementary Music Festival, in addition to the Music In Our Schools day at the Capitol.
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Our PE department does an excellent job reminding us to stay healthy! With Track & Field, we all had a great time!

Congratulations to all of the Track & Field Winners!

Rick the Science Guy

5th grade Student presentation

Our fifth graders would like to share why they love Rick the Science Guy coming to our school to work with each fifth grade class in the science lab.

Storyteller from Showcase Day

Living Museum comes to Kindergarten

Minstrels come to LPE


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