Minico "Game Plan"

September 19, 2016- September 23, 2016

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  • Lesson plans should be posted on the T-drive
  • Grades are checked each Monday for eligibility-are you entering grades each week? Check to see that current grades are correct before grade checks.
  • Hall passes- Brook has had a steady stream of students at her window during class time-remind students to get permission and a hall pass before coming to the office. She will begin sending them away if they do not have a pass.
  • Behavior Referral and Parent Contact-in order to fill in either document, you must have them in preview mode-preview mode is found in the upper right hand corner in the shape of an "eye." Click on the "eye" and the document is ready to use.
  • Advisory teachers-make sure you are documenting any contacts- the spreadsheet will automatically compile your information-in which we are required to turn into Central Office.
  • If you have any students still needing school supplies, see Brooke Claridge-she has a store of supplies and can help get other supplies that are needed-She can not help a student pay for fees, but see Mrs. Miller, Mr. Aston or Mrs. Kidd if there is a concern.


September 19-23

The times below will be set aside for Administrators to be out in classrooms observing. Please note the rotation change.



10:15-11:00- Miller






19th-9:00-Minico Admin Meeting

5:30-Tri-Cities Volleyball Camp@Minico

20th- 4:30-Boys Soccer-away-Jerome

4:30-Girls Soccer-home-Jerome

21st- 6:00-Volleyball-away-Canyon Ridge

22nd- 3:15 Activity Funds Meeting in the Media Center-anyone involved in any activities/athletics-please attend.

4:30-Boys Soccer-home-Canyon Ridge

4:30-Girls Soccer-away-Canyon Ridge

4:30-Freshman Football-home-Boneville

6:30-JV Football-home-Boneville

23rd-7:00- Varsity Football-away-Boneville

24th-10:50-Cross Country-away-Boise

8:30 am-Volleyball-Buhl Invite-away


The Board Meeting Agenda is always posted in the teacher's lounge and teacher's workroom- as soon as Brook receives it, she posts it.

Please Remember:

  • Advisory teachers- sit in close proximity of your assigned class during assemblies. Your presence is know and students behave better when they know you are near and watching.
  • Self-Evaluations need to be completed. Sign up to talk with Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Kidd or Mr. Aston, if you have not done so already.


Thank you for supporting and being a huge part of Homecoming Week 2016-The students had a great time this week and some of the best memories of high school are Homecoming!! Now we can buckle down and get some things done- no major schedule interruptions for a few weeks!
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