November to Remember

A Month to Celebrate YOUR Successes!

November was No Problem for You!!

What an incredible month, Ladies! You worked so hard to BOOK, SELL, and SPONSOR and it worked! We went from a team of 33 women to 59 and sold almost $50k in retail in just 30 days! It was incredible watching your numbers go up every day and see the excitement in your posts. You inspire me every day to better myself and continue to grow my business by sharing these awesome products with more women around the globe. Congratulations!
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Welcome to the Team!

To our newest members, we are thrilled that you have chosen to work and play with us!! Congratulations on your new business! We can't wait to celebrate all of your successes with Younique. FYI: Your Black Level Upline is Kere Knapp, from FabYouLashes. And we are now a Purple Status team, aka Mascara Mavens (I just created this)!! We also have TWO Elite Presenter Teams on Mascara Mavens: Katlyn Fanelli's Mascara Sisters and Ondrea Bertie Di Staulo's new team. Welcome and please let us know if we can help you get started STRONG this month! xo
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Laura Severino #1 in Team Sales- $3568.32!!

Tips from the Top: I didn't know what to expect when I started as a Presenter for Younique. I thought it would be fun to sell makeup and try to make some extra money aside from being a teacher. Little did I know that I would LOVE it! I have had a blast going to school with one eye done and one eye not done. My colleagues were impressed with the difference and wanted to try the mascara right away. As I talked about the products, I was honest, sounded like myself, and didn't push anything on anyone. I let the product sell itself! As people started to receive their shipments, they spread the word to their friends and family...who also bought! I love to see the genuine excitement they show when they have the mascara on. Just a little tip I learned from my sister-in-law, who is also a Presenter, was to write personal thank you notes in each gift and present them in a nice gift bag. People LOVED that! I am eager to see what Younique has in store for me in the future!

Top 25 in Sales!! (I couldn't stop at Top 10 THIS month!)

1. Laura Severino- $3568.32

2. Jennifer McCann- $3104.00

3. Candace McColligan- $2910.50

4. April McEwan- $2771.22

5. Lauren Brusco- $2702.00

6. Kara Veenstra- $2615.42

7. Kailyn Lowry- $2517.50

8. Gina Stillman- $2373.56

9. Joyce Simons- $2173.00

10. Jen Johnson- $2102.00

11. Marissa Hahn- $2081.00

12. Jenine Bates- $1942.26

13. Teresa DiDomenico- $1780.50

14. Bianca Warner- $1779.00

15. Katlyn Fanelli- $1700.00

16. Katie Shepard- $1602.00

17. Stacy Stinson- $1599.15

18. Ondrea Di Staulo- $1545.92

19. Lisa Vaughn- $1469.61

20. Nora Dessicino- $1306.50

21. Lauren Flaccavento- $1201.00

22. Carley Deamer- $1118.70

23. Julia Vannieuwland- $1096.00

24. Courtney Abramo- $1064.80

25. Anna Brouker- $1011.75

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Ondrea Di Staulo- PINK, BLUE, GREEN*

Kara Veenstra- PINK & BLUE

Jenine Bates- BLUE

April McEwan- PINK

Jennifer McCann- Yellow & PINK

Teresa DiDomenico- YELLOW & PINK

Laura Severino- YELLOW & PINK

Lauren Flaccavento- YELLOW & PINK

Joyce Simons- PINK

Lauren Brusco- YELLOW

Nora Dessicino- YELLOW

Stacy Stinson- YELLOW

Gina Stillman- YELLOW

Carley Deamer- YELLOW

Anna Brouker- YELLOW

Julia Vannieuwland- YELLOW

Kailyn Lowry- YELLOW

Lisa Vaughn- YELLOW

Bianca Warner- YELLOW

Marissa Hahn- YELLOW

Katie Shepard- YELLOW

* Qualified Elite Leader Status!

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Top in Qualified Sponsorships

Ondrea Di Staulo- 5

April McEwan- 3

Teresa DiDomenico- 3

Katie Fanelli- 2

Jenine Bates- 2

Candace McColligan- 2

Kara Veenstra- 2

Lauren Flaccavento- 1

Katie Ellul- 1

Jen Johnson- 1

Courtney Abramo- 1

Ondrea's Sponsoring Secret

I'm not really sure what happened to me in November, but BAM, it happened. I left October lagging behind, couldn't hit 2K and my sponsoring was slow. Then November came and things just took off on their own. The way that I have been working this business is basic truth telling. When people ask what is going on, I tell them. I tell them about my mascara, I tell them I can't keep the mascara in stock, I tell them it replaced my extensions and I tell them I am making easy money and having a fun time while doing it. I haven't really asked anyone personally to "join" my team. I talk about my team, how quickly it is growing, I throw out a few numbers and leave the conversation there. I guess people see my enthusiasm and start to wonder. I think if you talk about it and are enjoying it, people see that and start to want a piece of it. Like I said before, first they ask, "Why are you doing this?" and then they ask, "How are you doing it?" Best advice, have patience. Just because someone may not be ready today, doesn't mean they won't be ready tomorrow. Some things just take time. If you want it, it will happen. Keep working at it.
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Holiday Happiness!

It's the end of 2014 and we have so much to celebrate as new business owners this year! Let's finish the year STRONG and break our team records this month! BOOK, SELL, SPONSOR! I've learned that the #1 tip for creating a long-lasting business in Direct Sales is Follow Up. Send personal Thank You cards to EVERY customer, follow up to make sure she loves the product, fix any issues or answer questions and ALWAYS go back after 2 months to check in and/or help them reorder. They may also want to hostess an online lash bash to earn their next one free. If you're not following our Black Level FabYouLahes FB group page, please try to check in once a day for tips and tricks to boost your sales and sponsoring. And of course, ask for help from your sponsor or myself. We are in it this together!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year! I can't wait to see all of your accomplishments this month and beyond. I am so grateful for each of you and am so proud of your dedication and determination in creating the best business for YOU. xoxo