I have the gift

of seeing the gifted.

Teachers can readily recognize which children are gifted.

The above statement is unfortunately not a fact. The fact is, "teachers without any training in the area of gifted are only 50% (ie. no better than chance) effective in identifying gifted". There are many stereotypes of people that are gifted that may lead to the assumption that teachers can see or should know which children are gifted.

YOU must be gifted!

YOU can't be gifted...

You may not be able to readily recognize which children are gifted, but you can give ALL students the gift of learning.

The fact is, ALL students have the right to the gift of learning.

In order to meet possible student needs, the following strategies can be implemented:
  • Curriculum compacting and providing 'depth and breadth' opportunities allows students who are gifted to build on their knowledge and strengthen their skills through practise. They have a chance to deepen their awareness and enrich their understanding
  • Make change in amount (e.g. more time on higher level thinking skills) rather than kind
  • Challenge students: change the content (what is learned and how it is learned), pace (rate of instruction), and product (how learning is demonstrated)
  • Have flexible and dynamic grouping practices (whole-class, large-group, small-group same-skill, small-group mixed-skill)
  • Learning skills are as important as academic achievement. Have high expectations for learning skills (responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, self-regulation) as you do for academic achievement. Provide a variety of opportunities for students to further develop their learning skills and apply them daily
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Have high expectations for ALL your students; have your students have high expectations for themselves. Give them ALL the gift of learning.