The Use of Credit

How to use credit effectively

Recognizing the effectiveness of credit

There are differences when using different cards such as creditor debit cards. The debit card can gain access to a bank account electronically, though for the credit card can be use to pay future bills, but for those cards need a good credit history such as not using that much credit, but use it when you need credit, and make the credit stable. For increasing effectiveness of credit, is the use financial apps such as mint, acorn, level money, Digit, credit karma, and Good-budget, they all good for balancing credit and finance, needs a to at APR or known as annual percentage rate that can effect the interest rate such as an purchase of 100.00, APR of 20%, and planned monthly payment $50.00 and total would be $102.55 and will take 3 months to pay the bill and it's total and final's month payment is $2.55. This can be reported at the FTC and can be every 12 months. There are people that are need financial help by evaluate options, donating, and etc.