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May 29th, 2019

Seriously, WOW!

Thank you so much to our amazing Penngrove Community for another wonderful school year! Have a safe and enjoyable summer filled with sunshine, reading, and outdoor play!

With love,

Team Penn

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Life Skill Winners Wed., May 22nd

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Life Skill Winners Wed., May 29th

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When do we find out about next year's class placement?

Aeries Data Confirmation will open on Monday, July 8th. Once you complete data confirmation, bring your printed and signed emergency card to the office in exchange for a welcome letter from your child's teacher. If you do not have an Aeries Parent Portal account, you will need to create a parent account prior to completing data confirmation. Our office will re-open for the 2019-20 school year on Monday, July 8th.
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The votes are in…Penngrove Panthers give sunflower sprouts a resounding thumbs up! The Happy Healthy Club hosted a school-wide veggie tasting at morning recess on May 23rd. They served sunflower sprouts from a farm in Sebastopol and asked all tasters to throw a bean in a Thumbs Up jar if they liked the sprouts or one in the Thumbs Down jar if they did not care for it. All tasters, regardless of a thumbs up or thumbs down vote, received a hearty high five from parent volunteers and schoolmates for being brave and trying something new. When all the beans were counted, Panthers overwhelming voted Thumbs Up for sunflower sprouts. A new healthy snack was discovered!

The tasting marks the final activity in yet another fun year for the Happy Healthy Club. This past school year, 15 students met twice a month during lunch, foregoing recess to snack on a different fruit or vegetable each meeting, talk about nutrition, share recipes with each other, play games, and plan projects to make their school community happier and healthier. They tasted a wide variety of new fruits and vegetables including dragon fruit and raw purple cabbage; they learned about the 5 food groups, the importance of variety ("eat the rainbow"), whole grains, vitamins and minerals, fiber, "sometimes foods" (added sugar and saturated fat); they hosted 2 healthy snacks for the school during recess; they planned a full week of health and wellness tips and activities for their schoolmates during Red Ribbon Week; and they learned about the proven health benefits of kindness, gratitude, and laughter.

It was a fun year and the members of HHC should be proud of their contributions to their school community. All HHC members would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to the members of the PTA, Ms. Benedetti, and Ms. Fadeji for their unwavering support and guidance all year.

A very special THANK YOU for two very special people!

The Friends of Penngrove PTA recognizes two of our Board Members for their service & commitment to the students and staff at Penngrove Elementary.

Our outgoing President, Jamie Norman, has spent countless hours doing whatever it takes to make sure that every student has the best possible experience at Penngrove. Jamie served as Secretary and then as President for a total of 5 years of service.

Our outgoing Secretary, Kerry Jones, has served on the FOPPTA Board consistently and diligently, working alongside every volunteer to ensure that each event, program, and/or meeting was successful. Kerry served as Membership and as Secretary for a total of 3 years of service.

Both of these women have contributed tremendously to our Penngrove community. They were each honored at our last Board meeting with a well deserved award and a hearty round of applause.

Mrs. Lutz would like to thank the following people for all their help in the library this year!!

Theresa Beach (bulletin boards & decor), Erin Jackson, Jenny Hlebakos, Rick Fogg, Josh & Liz Erickson, Parmeeta Ghoman, Brittany Daniel, Jeremy & Joanna Porter, Julie Brunton, Barbara Clark, Amanda Clark, Vony Gobbi, Liz Derammelaere, Astrid Skorupa, Korin Steinberg, Alfredo Mancilla, Cyndi Crane, Sarah Koenig, Angela McGlade, Shawn Harvey, Kim Vandeveer and Jamie Scotto.

A very special thanks goes to David Gilmore for building us fillers for our shelves. It helps keep the books forward and more easily accessible to us! Thanks David!!

Where did the Jogathan funds go?

In case you were wondering what the Friends of Penngrove PTA did with all of the funds raised last September, we have answers for you!

The FOPPTA separates their budget into three categories: operating expenses, events and enrichment/programs. The graphs below show what percentage of category funds were spent on programs and events throughout the school year.

If you have an idea about how the funds could be better spent, please come to a PTA meeting and join the conversation!

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