You think you can handle my job?

A Commercial Fisherman's paradise

Commercial fishing is the activity of catching fish and other seafood for profit. Working conditions of this job are not glamorous at all. Long days of hard work with little breaks, cold weather in the Artic's, and sea sickness. Yuck! Through all of these harsh conditions is a great reward which is known as money. This job is a well paying job for people who haven't received a college education because, everything you need to know for this job is taught to you as a deckhand on the ship. Once the suffering of those cold nights as a deckhand conclude there maybe a high position know as captain. Salary of this job can vary throughout ships and countries, but most are paid really well and also how well there fishing season went. If a lot of fish are caught the better the profit will be.

Pros and Cons

Some cons about this fisherman life style are that death rates are really high and continue to sky rocket. Also, this job is not just a 30 min drive to work, its month and yearly, so seeing family is really hard for commercial fisherman. Some pros about commercial fishing are that salary is really good for people and these fisherman can raise a family with it. Also, most commercial fisherman are self employed, meaning that no contracts are signed in saying how long you have to be on ship.

Type of equipment used daily in commercial fishing


The reason this career is needed is because if there was no commercial fisherman in the world how would we get all the fish products we know today. New studies conclude better techniques on catching the fish and new technology advances.

3 main reasons this job is important...

1. The main reason this job is needed is because it brings in huge salary to people who were not able to get a college education.

2. Another reason this job is needed is because consumers are always wanting big and better products, in this case fish, but there will always be a completion for who can catch the most of this certain type of product for the best price.

3. Lastly, Boost the supply and demand which causing the economy to boom.


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This picture shows a happy group of deck hands!