Switching Jobs

A Guide for Career Changers

Considering a Change

Either you're not happy, you don't feel challenged, or you got terminated, take the opportunity to look for a new job. Apply your skills/interests into your job to make it more appealing to you and something that can make you think.


Developing a Plan

Gain experience, you are starting over pretty much, find a mentor to help you through the rough patches, be flexible, find out what skills/talents you can transfer to your new job.



If you do leave your company, Leave in good terms.

Update your resume

Beginning the New Journey

Check job listings, attend events, tap your social network, contact headhunters, are just the beginning ways to wedge your foot in the door to the job world.


The Job

After sending in your resume/application, call back in three to four days and confirm they got it. Then let them decide after that, and they should call you back in a weeks time to tell you if you got the job or not.