AP Env. Science B Course Resources

Module 16: AP Exam Review

Instructor Information

Emily Kroutil

Email: Emily.Kroutil@gavirtualschool.org

Phone: 470-238-8663 (voicemail)

The resources in this newsletter are in addition to those found in MODULE 16: AP Exam Review of your course content. You should first go through the content and complete the quizzes and activities. These resources are to supplement your understanding of the concepts. Please contact me if you have questions!

Mrs. Kroutil's Video Library

This link has all of the videos I've created for my students and videos I've saved for students from various sources. Please feel free to search around for any topics you feel like you need help with and watch videos relating to those topics: Stream Video Library

The topics are tagged by course, so you can search for #apes and #apenvironmentalscience and get all of the videos I think are relevant to our course. Or, you can simply search by topic. For example, if you want to search for videos relating to climate change, you can type "climate change" into the search field and all of the videos relating to climate change will show up.

AP Exam Format

2020 Exam Updates:

Multiple Choice:
  • 90 minutes to answer 80 Multiple Choice Questions
  • You DON'T lose points for guessing
  • Each question now has 4 choices, not 5.
  • The questions are random, so the last question could be the easiest and the first could be the hardest.
  • You will need #2 pencils for this section


This is the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents released by the College Board.


Shmoop is a great study resource. You have a membership to Shmoop with your GAVS tuition. AP Environmental Science can be found here. Your shmoop dashboard has pages of content that is similar to an AP Review book, so if you cannot afford an AP review book, try working your way through the Shmoop topics. It will even track your porgress!

I recommend taking the diagnostic test first, because it will give you a good idea where you should focus your studying and it is only 15 minutes long.

This page at Shmoop also has "Game Day Tips", which includes tips for:

  • The day before the test (They call it "Game Day Eve")
  • Test Day (They call it "Game Day")
  • What to Bring
  • What not to bring

Shmoop also has three practice APES exams. However, the practice tests have NOT been updated to reflect the new format. The NEW 2020 exam gives you 90 minutes to answer 80 multiple choice questions and 70 minutes to answer 3 FRQ questions. Additionally, each multiple choice question NOW has 4 choices instead of 5. So, the format will not be exactly the same, but the content should be similar.

Multiple Choice Tips

Analyzing Text MC Examples and Test-Taking Tips

FRQ Tips

Analyze and Propose a Solution FRQ
Design an Experiment FRQ 2019
2019 Synthesis and Evaluation FRQ

Math Review Resources

General Review Resources

AP Exam Review Videos


FRQ Walkthroughs