The DreamVacation!

What is This?

This is a vacation intended to free everyone of stress. It last about 25- 30 days. While on this vacation, you will be going to 7 different places. Each place is unique with their cultural values, activities available, etc.

Pie Chart and Graph for Expenses

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The cost of the trip is $55944.98 ( I know, expensive). This is due to the expensive flights that ensure a comfortable experience as well as high-end hotels.
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  • Weather- Mild/ warm
  • Point of interest- Bob Marley Museum
  • Language- Patois
  • History- Little is known about the island’s early history, except that there are many traces of Arawak habitation, and that Arawaks, agriculturists who made good-quality textiles and pottery, were living there when Christopher Columbus landed on 14 May 1494, on his second American voyage of exploration. He named the island Santiago (Saint-James). However, the name was never adopted and it kept its Arawak name Xaymaca, of which ‘Jamaica’ is a corruption. Lacking gold, Jamaica was used mainly as a staging post in the scramble for the wealth of the Americas.
  • Why am I going here?- This place has a very unique culture. This is something I'd like to experience firsthand.
  • What am I going to do here?- Study the culture, try all the different foods, and explore.
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  • Weather- Cold
  • History- It’s hard to fathom that an island formed 20 million years ago could be considered ‘young,’ but compared to the rest of the world, Iceland is just that.

    The entire island is a product of a series of eruptions of underwater volcanoes that took place before the dawn of civilization.

    Although nobody knows when the first humans arrived on Icelandic soil, we do know that it was one of the last islands on Earth to be inhabited.

  • Culture- Located in the middle of the North Atlantic, Iceland was settled by emigrants fromScandinavia and the British Isles in the tenth century. Due to Iceland's geographical location, it was mostly outside the influence of contemporary culture in Europe and America, until the late nineteenth century.

  • Point of interest- Golden Cirlce

  • Why am I going here?- This place has a lot of really cool volcanoes. With that being said, that's something I'm looking forward to.

  • What are you going to do?- Look at volcanoes and the golden circle.

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In many ways, the history of Italy is the history of the modern world. So many pivotal moments in our collective past have taken place in Italy that it can be considered Europe’s historical keystone. In this section, learn about the great and not so great moments in Italian history, from the grandeur of Rome to the Renaissance, the Risorgimento to the battlefields of World War II.


Italian culture is steeped in the arts, family, architecture, music and food.

Point of Interest


Here, I am going to visit several restaurants and eat pizza( Italian pizza ).

I want to visit many places around Italy.

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  • history - Greeks call themselves Hellenes, and Greece Hellas; our term "Greece" derives from their Roman conquerors. From the eighth century BC, colonisation had taken Greek-speakers all over the Mediterranean, from the Black Sea, Turkey, to North Africa, Italy France and Spain, like "frogs around a pond" (Plato).
  • Place of interest- Plaka
  • Language- Greek
  • Reasons for visiting- I wanted to try the different and unique Greek food. While I am here I will most likely also visit the Plaka.

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History- Toronto, on the north shore of Lake Ontario, is the largest of Canada's vibrant urban centres. It is the hub of the nation's commercial, financial, industrial, and cultural life, and is the capital of the Province of Ontario. People have lived here since shortly after the last ice age, although the urban community only dates to 1793 when British colonial officials founded the 'Town of York' on what then was the Upper Canadian frontier. That backwoods village grew to become the 'City of Toronto' in 1834, and through its subsequent evolution and expansion Toronto has emerged as one of the most liveable and multicultural urban places in the world today.

Points of Interest- CN Tower

Language- English/ French

Reasons for visiting- I would like to see the six god in Toronto. I would also like to visit art gallery's.

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South Africa

History- South Africa was settled by the Dutch in 1652 as a stopping point for ships on their way to the East Indies. Fruit and vegetables were grown here to battle the problem of scurvy aboard passing ships. The Dutch first settled the area that was to become Cape Town and with time expanded across the entire tip of southern Africa.

Points of Interest- Table Mountain

Language- Tswana

Reasons for visiting- I wanted to visit to study the culture. This is because South Africa has a collection of Native African cultures. I also would like to visit so I can see the animals.

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History- Dubai, a world business hub, is one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a union of seven Sovereign Sheikhdoms (emirates) - six of which, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman - formed the present federation in 1971 when the British withdrew from the Gulf as part of the 'East of Suez' policy. Ras Al Khaimah joined a year later.

Points of Interest- Burj Khalifa

Language- Arabic

Reasons for visiting- I would like to try the multicultural foods. I would also like to visit the Burj Khalifa.

Not Convinced?

This trip is meant to relax the mind and help those who are hard workers and/or stressed out find equilibrium. If you would like more information contact me at 67950348506 or my email!