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End of the Year

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Estimadas familias de Bay,

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亲爱的Bay 小学的家长们,

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Monthly News

We are happy to announce the following incoming officers for the 2023-2024 school year!

  • President: Kristi Austin
  • Secretary: Michelle Hensley
  • Treasurer: Monica Haro
  • Vice President: Olivia Franco
  • Membership: Rachel Firestone
  • Auditor: Elizabeth Perez
  • Communications VP: Joi Triplet
  • Book Fair & Staff Appreciation Chair: Kristin Velazquez

There are still positions open and in need of volunteers to join! Take some time over the summer to consider being more involved next year to continue bringing events to our school community.

Special Events:

Masquerade School Dance

What a great time-students and families were dancing,

mixing and mingling and enjoying delicious food from the food truck.

Thank you to all who made the event possible!

How to Get Involved..... VOLUNTEER!

5th Grade End of the Year Celebrations

On Campus Celebration 6/6

Volunteers are needed to work a 1-hour shift on the day of the celebration

Fill out this digital form to volunteer at one of the PTA-sponsored events:

You can reach us at:

Please allow 1 week response time as our President position is vacant.