Welcome to 5th Grade 2020-21

It's going to be a great year!

Welcome to the 5th grade

Welcome to an exciting new school year! We hope you are as excited to start the school year as we are. With your help, we are going to have a wonderful and successful year.
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We grade strictly in accordance with the Onslow County School grading requirements which are on a 10 point scale (listed below). All graded assignments hold the same weight and the grade that your child receives on the report card is simply an average of the grades that they received during the grading period.

Grading Scale

100 – 90 A

89 – 80 B

79 – 70 C

69 – 60 D

59 - 0 F

Communication is the key

a. Remind – We will be utilizing the Remind App to send information to families. Your child’s teacher will be giving you a code for you to sign up.

b. Telephone Calls- If we need to contact you right away we will call you on the phone. You can also contact us here at school by calling (910) 326-1501. Please ensure that we have a good number where you can be reached.

b. Email- You can send us an email. However, we may not be able to check the email until the end of the day.

d. Parent/Teacher Conferences- Due to COVID state guidelines all parent conferences need to be either virtual or by telephone.

e. Power Schools- We strongly suggest weekly check in of your child’s progress in power schools. If you are not able to connect, please contact Lori Jones in the office.

Smore Newsletter

An informational newsletter will be posted on Teams and sent through Remind to include the following:

  • Upcoming Dates/FYI

  • Videos from your child’s teachers

  • Weekly remote learning expectations

  • Assignments and due dates

Remote Learning Expectations

We are empathetic to the fact that this is a learning experience for all. Remote learning will consist of a variety of learning experiences for your child. Not all remote learning will take place on your child’s computer. However, students will need to access Teams daily to review assignments and communicate with the teacher if necessary. Please also understand that while your child may be participating in remote learning other children will be in the classroom. This means that during face-to-face cohort days, we will be providing undivided attention to the students in our classroom. Please be patient on your child’s remote learning days regarding questions directed at the teacher.

**WEDNESDAYS: Every child will be expected to log on remotely to a live session. These are days that we will use to provide extra support and answer the “burning” questions.

**Students in cohort B and A will follow the assignments below for their remote days.

Directions for Back to School Choice Board

Hey there cohort B and A! You only have to choose 1 of the following choices provided to you. You will turn this in on your next face-to-face instruction day.

Direction to Twenty Questions Game

Hey there again, Cohort B and A!! The attached document has directions already. Follow the directions and we will play the game on your next day in face-to-face instruction.

Behavior Management

Pirates say……

Always be kind-Be positive; Help other learn

Respectful- Use your manners; It’s okay to be different; Be Honest

Responsible- Come to school prepared and ready to learn; Get a good night’s sleep; Charge your laptops; Eat breakfast

Grateful- Value your school, teachers, and friends

Hard Working- Take responsibility for you learning; Come to school motivated to learn

Students that follow these expectations will be periodically rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

We understand everyone has days where they may need gentle reminders and further guidance to get back on track. The following steps will be utilized to create a positive learning experience for all.

1. Have a “soft spot/ cool down/ chill out” area

2. Have time for reflection and making better choices

3. Time to conference with teacher and or peer

4. If a student chooses not to use the opportunity during reflection to change their behavior, parent contact may be needed.

5. For major offenses that disrupt instruction or endanger the safety of others, formal documentation and a visit to see administration will be enforced.

We are all in this together!!!

We look forward to a wonderful school year and to working with you and your child!

Take care and God Bless

The fifth grade team...

Mrs. Pamela Reibly- 5th Grade Team Leader

ELA and Social Studies

Ms. Andrea Lawrence

Math and Science

Ms. Hannah O'Brien

ELA and Social Studies

Mrs. Sallie Durand

Math and Science