Busting Bullies

An info graphic by Vicente Kaufhold

WHAT is cyber-bullying?

When someone is threatened, humiliated, harassed, or humiliated via use of technology, that person is being cyber-bullied.
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FACTS about cyber-bullying

  • Bullies can be as young as 7 years old online
  • Roughly 43% of kids have been cyber-bullying
  • almost 3/4 of students have seen and reported seeing cyberbullying
  • 25% of kids have been cyber-bullied more than once
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WAYS to help

  • Report the bully. They might be anonymous to you, but the website and your ISP can find them.
  • Stand up for others. If you see someone being bullied stand up for them, even if its in private. A few motivating words go a long way.


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