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All Staff Inspection newsletter 14 December 2015

John Bowditch- HMI Scotland

Our managing inspector said: "I would like to thank all College staff, students and stakeholders for engaging in the process of validation so positively. We were all made feel very welcome and we look forward to coming back to see how you progress on your journey to Excellence."

We will receive a detailed report in due course.

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From left to right: Ian Beach , Janet Gardner, John Bowditch, John Laird, Barbara Nelson

Inspection result and report.

We will receive a detailed report in due course ( probably by end of January) and we look forward to incorporate any of the suggestions into our Quality Improvement plan to build upon our strengths and address our areas for improvement. My thanks to you all on behalf of the College Leadership Team and Board of Governors for the superb display of professionalism and commitment during this week. Well done everyone.

Our thanks goes to Education Department for coordinating and arranging this support.

Inspection in photos...

CFE Inspection Star Awards 2015

The following awards are a token of the superb time we had! Well done every one of you for make the experience a fulfilling, fun, relatively calm and enjoyable one!

Thank you so much for all your efforts this past week.

We will continue on our journey with a new resolve and higher degree of confidence. Well done all!