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Currently Reading Signs...

Just a friendly reminder to update your currently reading signs. The students and other faculty love the updates!

Book Tasters!

We had our first book taster's lunch Thursday, Jan. 15th. Sixth graders and middle school book club members are invited to read a book that hasn't often been read and then to write a review of the book to entice others to read it. Book Tasters are then "paid" for their work with a free lunch! 16 students participated this month.

New World Book Encyclopedias

The library recently purchased the 2015 collection of World Book Encyclopedias. Feel free to to borrow the set to use in your classroom or to bring your students to the library. The 2009 edition is also free to a good home if anyone wants it in their classroom. This is a great place to start research, especially with middle school students!
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New Displays