Curriculum & Instruction Newsletter

May 2016

Summer Learning....Had Me a Blast!

Have you heard of "Summer Learning Loss"? According to the National Summer Learning Association, "All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer." You'll find links in this newsletter to various resources, ideas, and articles for keeping Summer Learning Loss at bay for your students. about Summer Learning Loss for educators?! If you are excited about opportunities to learn and grow in your practice, below are links to resources for Professional Development (PD) workshops, seminars, and chats over the summer months.

Whether your summer is spent on a schedule, on a pontoon, in a book, or whatever manner you choose, this is the time that is yours to use. Relax, rejuvenate, and reflect on what you've been able to accomplish this past school year, and by all means, remember how much you matter to students, colleagues, families, and community members here at ROCORI.


We invite you to touch base with Kayla Youngblom in the CIA office where we have a large selection of professional reading materials you can check out for the summer. From differentiation to cognitive rigor to assessment strategies, there are some great reads ready for you!

Cultivating a Culture of Positive Learners and Risk-takers

Want to try something "techie" you had no time to try or were afraid of "putting yourself out there"? Contact Stef Rothstein in the CIA to troubleshoot and learn WITH you! Stef would love to collaborate with you to develop formative assessments, lessons that encourage deeper levels of knowledge and 21st Century Skills, flipped lessons, website creation, student and teacher blogs, movies, presentations, video channels, or anything else you may have wanted to try.....even if it's to bounce an idea off of someone! Start with small steps or one giant matter what it is, growth will take place.