All about maria rodriguez

All about me

Ten things about me 👧

  1. Loves music
  2. Has 2 brothers
  3. loves Mexican food
  4. Favorite color is red
  5. Birthday is August,19
  6. Likes to spend time with her boyfriend family
  7. Been with her boyfriend 2years & 3 months
  8. Likes going shopping
  9. Likes to spend time with family
  10. A happy person

My funniest or most embarrassing moment

My funniest moment was at my birthday party because my cousin was trying to push me into the cake & when she had turn around I had bite the cake & she got mad because she didn't push me like she does to everyone.

Fun Photos

Questions I'm most often asked

Normal questions

•How I do my makeup

•Why I didn't have a 15th

•What I use to have my hair soft

•Why I dont talk to alot of people