Dolphin Killing

Genevith soto

Help the dolphins!

Thousand of dolphins are kill each year in Japan the people of taiji believe that its a tradition to murder them but its not. Many people believe Dolphins are to be among the most intelligent animals on Earth.The exact worldwide population of the bottlenose dolphin is not known. In the eastern tropical Pacific the population is estimated to be 243,500, while in the waters of Japan the population estimates are as low as 37,000.You can see that 37,000 dolphins in japan isn't even close to 243,500 the difference is 206,500.

where do dolphins live?

Bottlenose dolphins are distributed around the globe. They are able to live from temparete waters to tropical waters of both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.

Their limits are the cold temperatures of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans where the water temperature is extremely cold.

Why kill these happy animals?

Many people in Japan kill dolphins for their meat but not just in japan also is solomon islands,Faroe islands and Peru.thouseand of Dolphins are kill or they take them out of captivity.People say that Dolphins are always smiling that they are always happy but in videos where they are being kill you can hear their cries for help.It take about 20 minutes for a dolphin to die when a person kills them.