Duniway Weekly Update

January 20, 2023


January 23: Success Schools Survey

January 26: Principal's Coffee @ 9 am - Cafeteria

January 27: Schools Closed for Students

February 10: Duniway Winter Dance

February 17: Schools Closed for Students

February 20: Schools Closed for Holiday

March 27-31: Schools Closed for Spring Break

April 10: Schools Closed for Students

April 14: Duniway Auction

May 19: Duniway Fund Run

May 29: Schools Closed for Holiday

June 2: Duniway Carnival

June 13: Last Day of School for Students

Principal's Message

Dear Duniway School Community,

Happy Friday! I want to start this week's message by informing you of a School Messenger we sent earlier. Today we received a call from Multnomah County 911 slightly after noon asking that we engage our school in a "secure the perimeter." This resulted in us bringing students in off the playground, securing all external doors, and going on with business as usual inside our school. Our "secure the perimeter" lasted for about 25 minutes when PPS and Multnomah County 911 told us we could return to our regular school day. Students were safe throughout this time, and I appreciate our staff and students for taking this safety measure seriously. We are told that our students were not in danger and that this was taken as a precaution. If you have concerns or questions or want to connect with me regarding this or other related matters at Duniway, please don't hesitate to reach out.

There is a lot to celebrate at Duniway this week. I am so proud of our students for their work in completing our mid-year diagnostic assessments in reading and math. The results are looking terrific, as we are seeing wonderful growth in student performance. We are doing a lot of great artistic things at Duniway these days: over 60 students are participating in choir, 2nd graders are hard at work on a mural on the life cycle of a salmon that will hang in our hallway permanently upon completion, and our kinders will be engaging in a Chinese New Year parade throughout our halls next week to celebrate.

Here are some updates from the principal's desk:

Choir - Choir families, thank you for a very smooth drop-off yesterday. We had no idling on Reed College Place, which made for less traffic, and students could get quickly into rehearsal. Thank you, community.

PBOT - We are meeting with PPS and PBOT next week to consider traffic and stop signs around our school. The district and Portland Bureau of Transportation are committed to ensuring the students can get to and leave school safely. Thank you to those of you who have reached out with concerns.

Successful Schools Survey - The Successful Schools Survey will become available next week. Please look out for a separate Smore inviting you to participate. This survey is an essential tool for our school. We look at your feedback and use it to inform our work at Duniway. Thank you ahead of time for taking the time in the next week to complete this.

Popsicle Party - Thank you, families, for your Foundation fundraising this fall. We were able to celebrate classes today with a popsicle party that had 100% participation. Shoutout to the parent volunteers who came in today to facilitate. You rock!

End of Q2 and the End of Semester 1 - Reminder that Q2 and Semester 1 ends on Thursday, January 26th, and that January 27th is a teacher planning day and no school for students.

Thank you for all you do to make Duniway an incredible place for students to learn and grow.



Change of Clothes 👕🩲🧦👖

During this rainy season, we are kindly asking parents to pack a ziplock bag with a change of clothes for their students to leave at school. Bags should include clean socks, pants, top, and undergarments, and be labeled with your child's name and the name of their teacher written on the ziplock bag.

Thank you!