Hybrid Learning Communication

Hybrid Learning begins September 14th!


The day is almost here when students will return to in-person learning. We are excited to welcome our RMHS Grizzlies back to class, as it has been since March 13th since this has happened! PLEASE read the information below to help prepare for the school year.
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Our Hybrid (Yellow) Learning Phase Begins Monday, September 14th!!

Monday, September 14th will be the first day we will be seeing our Team One students in the building. Please remember that during our Hybrid (Yellow) Learning phase, students will alternate between on-site face-to-face instruction and remote learning from home.

Click here to view the Alternating Day Schedule for the Fall 2020 calendar.

On Monday, September 14th, T1 students will report to RMHS for on-site classes. T2 students will continue their learning from home by logging in to Class Teams.

On Tuesday, September 15th, T2 students will report to RMHS for on-site classes. T1 students will continue their learning from home by logging in to Class Teams.

Remember, we are following the 4-by-4 Hybrid Schedule. Students will only attend four total classes for the 1st-quarter.

Students will see a T1 or T2 when logging into their PowerSchool to view their schedule. This indicates their assigned team.

Team One students can only attend on-site face-to-face learning on Team One days, and vice-versa. Students are not allowed to attend on-site classes on their Remote Learning days.

We apologize that we can't change teams unless there is an error made to sibling team assignments. Changing one student's team results in a change in class loads in sixteen classes (eight per semester).

Students need to bring their district-issued laptop and charger to school with them on their first day back (and every day in building). If the new updates to improve connectivity were not completed over the weekend, this will be done on Monday or Tuesday.

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Bring your laptop and charging cord!!

Hybrid Learning Mask Requirements

Mask requirements for Hybrid Learning:

The West Ada school board has updated the student dress code for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will be required to wear face coverings that will cover both mouth and nose. Please read the addition to the policy below:

Throughout the duration of the current pandemic, students will be required to wear cloth face coverings or face shields. Students will be allowed mask breaks when determined necessary by the teacher and appropriate social distancing can be maintained. Medical accommodations will be made for students with proper documentation from a physician. The physician’s documentation will be routed to the school nurse who will then document the accommodation in PowerSchool. Prior arrangements, based on a team decision, for students enrolled in special populations, will be honored. Violations of these requirements will lead to disciplinary action.

We want to be able to provide face-to-face instruction for our students! It will be important for all of the RMHS community to help support and reinforce wearing face coverings. Teachers will be allowed to schedule short mask breaks for their classes, as needed. Students will not be required to wear masks when they are actively eating their lunch; however, we will be requiring social distancing and encouraging students to eat outside as often as possible.

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A few things to know for Hybrid (Yellow) Learning


We will not be issuing students lockers this school year. Students will be allowed to bring backpacks/laptop bags to classes.


Lunchtime procedures will be communicated at school. The cafeteria will be serving food to students, but students will not be eating their food in the cafeteria. Students will be encouraged to move outside or to the hallways of the main building. We will be looking for all opportunities to encourage social distancing. Students may go home to eat lunch if that is an option.

Update: The USDA has announced the extension of the Summer Food Service Program. This means West Ada school will be serving free meals to students enrolled in district school buildings. Click here for more information regarding this program.

Student Arrival to School:

Students will be permitted to enter the school building as early as 7:15 am on M, T, TH, F; 7:35 am on Wednesdays. When students enter the building, they will be expected to immediately report to their 1st period classes. We will not be allowing students to congregate in the hallways.

Printing schedules: All students need to have their schedules before the first day of on-site learning, as schedules WILL NOT be printed this year. Students can create their own copy by taking a picture with a cell phone, printing it at home, writing it down on paper, or having access to the PowerSchool app on a smartphone.


Students will need to bring their district-issued laptop and charger on the first day of class, and each day thereafter. It is crucial students take great care of their devices.


Individual teachers will communicate their expectations for headphones being used in class; students may choose to bring their own personal headphones to use for the first day of class.

Reminder: Wednesdays are Late Start.

Reminder: Wednesdays are Late Start!

RMHS Procedural Reminders

Parking Permit

If your student is planning on driving to school, he/she will need to purchase a parking permit. Please click here for instructions. These can also be found on the Rocky Mountain website home page.

Permit-to-Leave for Student Attendance

If your student needs to leave during the school day, parents will need to call in or come into RMHS in person to check them out. Please call the attendance line at 208-350-4341 to request a Permit to Leave. A ONE HOUR notice is required and appreciated. Please do not call any earlier than 24 hours prior to the student needing to leave. Your student will receive the pass to leave approximately 10-15 minutes before the requested release time.

If you call ahead you will not be required to come into the building to check out your student; however, due to the security measures that are in place, if you come to the school to check out your student, you will have to check in at the Security Office first, before checking your student out of school at the Attendance Office. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Adding Money to Student Lunch Account

Update: The USDA has announced the extension of the Summer Food Service Program. This means West Ada school will be serving free meals to students enrolled in district school buildings. Click here for more information regarding this program.

Students can bring money in the form of cash or check to the school cafeteria to add to their lunch account. Parents may also choose to add money to their student's account online using MyPaymentsPlus (www.mypaymentsplus.com). More information can be accessed by clicking on the Lunch Menu icon on the school website.

Transportation Information

The West Ada School District contracts Cascade Student Transportation for busing services.

Click here for transportation information on the West Ada website.

To access the Cascade Student Transportation portal information, please use the following link: https://westadaid.thebusportal.com/elinkrp/search.aspx

For instructions on using the portal, use this link: https://www.westada.org/Page/66062

You may contact Cascade Student Transportation using the following number: 208-299-8500.

School Purchases

Purchasing items like a yearbook, activity card, or parking permit may be completed online or in-person through the bookkeeper. If you choose to pay online, you may click the $ School Fee icon on the RMHS website or by using the following website MySchoolFees: (www.myschoolfees.com)

ID and Access Cards

New student ID and access cards will not be available for students until pictures are taken on September 23rd and 24th. Because of this, students will not be required to use their Access cards to enter the building. Once these pictures have been taken and cards have been dispersed, entrance to the building will require the Access card. More information to come.

Student Pictures

Student Pictures are scheduled for September 23rd and 24th. More information to come.

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New Student Virtual Orientation

RMHS Student Council has created a virtual orientation for students to view. Please view the video they created in hopes of helping students new to Rocky better understand how to navigate the school.
New Student Orientation 2020

Building Safety Plan

As a reminder, each school has a building safety plan to address safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. To review the RMHS Building Safety Plan, please click here.
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RMHS Students and Parents,

We want to express how very appreciative we are of your patience and willingness to work through these incredibly challenging issues during this past week. Thank you for keeping at it and continuing to try to log in and access the Class Teams to join your teachers. We are painfully aware of how frustrating the technology setbacks have been. But what we have also been made well aware of is that every member of our ROCKY community wants to ensure our students are getting the education they deserve. Administration has been amazed at the positive attitudes our teachers have demonstrated when their plans have gone awry because features within several programs have glitched, requiring them to adjust their plans. They continually state that with each period, classes have gone more and more smoothly.

We have communicated with our teachers to be flexible and full of grace with our students in regards to anything being presented or assigned this week. They are aware there are many students who are still experiencing connectivity issues through no fault of their own. We will all work together to ensure our students have the time or information they need to be on track in their classes.


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Additional Appreciation


Thank you for your cooperation in wearing masks and practicing social distancing while attending our athletic events. We have enjoyed being able to watch our students perform with you in attendance. Let's continue to cheer our students on together!


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