January 2014 Success Report!

The Charming Dotties

January 2014 Combined Team Sales

As a TEAM we sold....
If you sold one pair of earrings, had a trunk show or 4 trunk shows, or beat your best in sales... you were a part of that!!!

Top 10 in Sales!

1 Kelli Robinson Beverly Hills MI $3,677

2 Sue O'Callaghan Beverly Hills MI $3,158

3 Kathleen Wolney Grosse Pointe Park MI $2,705

4 Allie Ozier Findlay OH $2,569

5 Kacey Roder Fort Lauderdale FL $2,566

6 Tiffany Klaasen Grosse Pointe Farms MI $2,311

7 Jacquelyn Kallam Charlotte NC $1,999

8 gina spiteri Livermore CA $1,785

9 Elena Wester Los Gatos CA $1,745

10 Leslie Madden Birmingham MI $1,671

30% Comission Pay Bump!

These ladies gave themselves a pay bump by selling over $2,500 (aka 2308 PCV)
Kelli Robinson

Sue O'Callaghan

Allie Ozier

Kathleen Wolney

Kacey Roder

Top in Sponsoring!

Congrats to First-time Sponsors!!
Joanna Howell & Gina Engel & Meghan VanderBaan

Sponsored 2: Amber Yaklin!
Sponsored 1: Gina, Joanna, Meghan, Tiffany Klaasen, Kelli Robinson,& Kacey Roder
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New Qualified Stylists!

Amber Yaklin & Kacey Roder each had 1 new qualified stylist

Welcome New Charming Dotties!

Sara Gutowski

Ivyjean Steinhoff

Samantha Tenbusch

Claudia Landeros De Heller

Caitlyn Maurer

Brittany Yaffa

Rebecca Rossiter

Chelsea Wieland

Qualified Styists- (Sold at least $500 retail -aka 325 PCV)

Brittany Yaffa

Chelsea Wieland

Natalie Emerson

Amy Costello

Allie Ozier

Meghann Vanderbaan

Judith Smith

Elena Wester

Joanna Collins

Katie Bosscher

Shelly Culbertson

Abigail Traynor

Leslie Madden

Janelle Velkoff

Sue O'Callaghan

gina spiteri

Amber Yaklin

Carrie Chung

Gina Engel

Kacey Roder

katie miller

Brittany Jensen

Amanda Byrne

Patricia Anderson

Sabrina Kaufman

Kathleen Wolney

Jacquelyn Kallam

Tiffany Klaasen

Jenifer Spiga

Marianne Diels

Kelly Miller

Kelli Robinson

The Spirit of Stella

Our Charming Dotties "Spirit of Stella" team Spirit award is given from time to time to stylists on our team who exhibits tenacity, persistence, positivity, and drive to move her business forward no matter what obstacles and circumstances come her way!
Email me if you have someone who should be recognized for this honor AND/OR we may do this at Meet-Ups going forward... so let me know if you want someone to be recognized!
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