Sydney Opera House

Why was the Sydney Opera House Built?

The influence to build the Sydney Opera House was the Sydney Harbor. The architect ,

Jorn Utzon(Katheryn Wells) , wanted to represent the beauty of the Harbor. The Sydney Harbor is thought as the Harbor with most natural beauty.( . At the request of the government , construction began in 1957.

Building the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House was built between 1957 and 1973 , taking sixteen years to

complete. Difficulties during building the landmark was the large cost and technical challenges of constructing the roof. The cost added up to 102 million dollars and the time of sixteen years when the Sydney Opera House was finished in 1973 .


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The Sydney Opera House today

Today the Famous Opera House is located near the Sydney harbour in Australia . As

stated in an article ( the Sydney Opera House ," comprises three groups of interlocking vaulted "shells" which roof two main halls and a restaurant "..."set upon a vast platform..". The Sydney Opera House is now used today as a world-class performing arts centre.