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February 2020

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Field Trip Information

GT field trips are coming up! Here's some information you need to know:

-If your child filled out the lunch form for Jason's Deli (6th and 7th grades) or for the dining hall experience (8th grade) they need to bring $10 before Spring Break. If they decided to bring their lunch, please make sure they don't forget on the day of the field trip

-If your child filled out the form to purchase the GT t-shirt, please make sure they bring $10 ASAP as the shirt money was due TODAY. They need to wear that shirt on the day of their field trip. If they didn't purchase a shirt, please make sure they wear a ORMS, NB or unicorn blue shirt the day of the field trip

-Below are the permission forms for the field trips, but GT advisory teachers will be sending home paper copies as well. They are due the day before the field trip at the latest!

-Parents are not going on the field trips, but please attend the Parent Expo on April 28 4:30-6PM come and go.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming field trips.

6th Grade

Passion Projects

Over the last month, 6th grade GT students have been preparing to begin their Passion Project. We began by viewing inspirational videos followed by the students generating ideas about topics that interested them. Next, they completed a survey and we used the information from that to prepare a Padlet to use for crowdsourcing so the students could gather information, tips, ideas for primary sources to interview, extension ideas for their project, etc. from their peers. We then introduced the project and had the students compose wonder questions about the top 2 topics they were interested in for their project. The students then completed a contract over those 2 topics, received permission from their parents, and are ready to go!

March will begin with the students actually starting their Passion Project research and will be working either alone, with a partner, or in groups of 3.

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Ms. Redwine

6th GT Advisory



Ms. Beabout

6th GT Advisory



7th Grade

7th GT Competition Practice

Students have been working hard on Tinkercad & Merge Cube for 3D printing and Augmented Reality, as well as instant challenges and acting challenges to prepare for the 7th grade GT competition next month. Thank you to Edwin Braun (NBISD Technologist) and Jenna Madrigal (ORMS Theatre Teacher) for helping prepare our students for their competition. The next few weeks students will work with Ms. Hunt on instant challenges, more robotics practice and quick writing!

The competition is the last day of March so we have about a month left to practice and prepare!

3D Printing with Tinkercad & Merge Cube

Instant Challenges

The Winner of the "There She Blows" Challenge: Max

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Theatre Challenges

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Brain Teasers

Ms. Brooks

7th GT Advisory



Ms. Stanush

7th GT Advisory



8th Grade

The month of February included an interesting social experiment on the 8th grade class. The point of the experiment was to help 8th graders understand that there are inequities in our world and they exist around us, however, people are widely unaware of their existence.

Students were organized into new groups based on height. Students had no idea they were grouped in this manner. For a week straight, students competed in different challenges in these groups, however, the short students were given numerous advantages and more praise than the taller students. Initially, the advantages were hard to recognize such giving hints on a Algebra test with multiple choice versus open ended Algebra questions. As the week continued, and the short students continued to dominate the competitions, the advantages for the shorter students became more obvious. On a building competition based on innovation, the short students were given the best lego pieces, while some groups were given only flat pieces, and some groups had off brand lincoln logs and 2 groups had Jenga sets.

In the end, Mrs. Bryant led a brilliant discussion and gave the students a visual of advantages some groups were given. All students were lined up as if to run a race. Before starting the race, she asked students to step forward if they were given certain advantages during the week of challenges. The taller students didn't move past the starting point while a majority of the shorter students were almost at the finish line. This activity led to an eye opening discussion about being aware of your surroundings and taking action to remedy social injustices around us.

This activity was the segway into our next challenge. Students will be regrouped based on interest into political action groups. Students will start a movement on our campus/community to rectify or draw attention to the topic of their choice. This can be a movement to end world hunger, raise awareness of climate change, find cleaner energy solutions, etc. Students will be responsible for researching their topic, raising awareness by producing propaganda, administering a survey, and hosting a schoolwide fair during advisory to promote their topics. There will be more information to come on this big project.

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Ms. Bryant

8th GT Advisory



Ms. Cowan

8th GT Advisory



Upcoming Events

7th GT Competition

Tuesday, March 31st, 8:30am-2pm

2932 S IH Frontage Road

New Braunfels, TX

Both middle school 7th grade GT students will compete in mixed teams at an event called STEAM-O-Rama. They will be tested in a variety of skills such as 3D printing, Augmented Reality, Destination Imagination instant challenges, acting skills, robotics and quick writing. This event is closed to parents due to lack of parking, but we will share photos and products of what the students created at our Parent GT Expo in April. This event will be most of the school day.

8th Grade Field Trip

Friday, April 3rd, 8:30am-3pm

601 University Drive

San Marcos, TX

8th grade GT students from both middle schools will be going on a campus tour of Texas State University. They will also get to shop the campus bookstore for college swag and eat at a campus dining hall.

6th GT Field Trip

Thursday, April 23rd, 10am-2pm

1671 Interstate 35 Frontage Road

New Braunfels, TX

6th GT will be attending a field trip with NBMS 6th grade GT students to the NB Escape Haus most of the day to test out and practice the skills they spent the year working on such as critical thinking, partnerships, teamwork, behavior, leadership, etc. More info to come as it gets closer!

GT Parent Expo

Tuesday, April 28th, 4:30-6pm

415 Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

Please join us for a come-and-go presentation of what your child has been working on all year in GT!

Amanda Hunt, Librarian and NBISD Secondary GT Facilitator

Please contact me or your child's advisory teacher if you have any questions or concerns about the GT program at ORMS.

Blake Haygood

Blake is our district's GT Advanced Academics Specialist.
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