HGHS Instructional Update

January 11, 2016

Community Learning this Week

This week's Community Learning will be small group Instructional Planning and Evaluation in C206.

We will share and evaluate lesson plans as we look through the lens of Strategic Teaching, Planning with Empathy, and Depth of Knowledge tasks.

Bring or have digital access to your current lesson plans and class rosters.

Here's this week's schedule:


1st period (9:00-9:45): Duggan, Tr. Miller, Sims, Wade

2nd period (10:25-11:10): Beard, Braudaway, Rice, A. Smith, Mims

3rd period (12:20-1:05): Barnes, Bastin, Brady, Rucker-Leake

5th period (2:15-3:00): Agee, Baeder, Cole, Glenn, Havner, Jeffries, Morrow


7:20-8:05: Atkins, A. Bell, L. Bell, Bishop, Dunnavant, D. Miller, Myers, Putman, Watkins, Williams

2nd period (10:25-11:10): Butler, S. Giles, Ross, L. Smith

3rd period (12:20-1:05): Case, Dean, Harper, Stutheit

5th period (2:15-3:00): Barker, Davis, Hunter, Mayes, McKinney


3rd period (12:20-1:05): Bassler, Euting, C. Giles, Henderson, Thompson, Williamson

5th period (2:15-3:00): Burke, Ebert, Firestone, Heath, Huffman, Morrison, Romine


1st period (9:00-9:45): Abercrombie, Bowling, Flynn

Source for supplemental reading text!

"Browse" Common Lit to find supplemental reading material for most courses--pick theme, discussion question, and grade level.

For example:

  1. Choose a theme: Identity
  2. Choose a discussion question: Can you change your identity?
  3. Choose a text: 9th-10th Grade Reader
Download "Rebel with a cause: Rebellion in Adolescence" (3 1/2 pages of text, 6 text-based questions, 3 discussion questions, For teachers: Suggested Text Pairings)

What do you think? Why?

Coach Barker's class members learn about one another AND how to discuss contemporary issues using the "Center of the Universe" protocol.

Students thinking, moving, speaking, and responding. That's a win.