New Email and Social Media Partner

Email campaigns and social media done for you!

Ready to put your marketing on autopilot?

You know the importance of staying top of mind with your clients to get reorders, generate referrals and give them fresh ideas. We have great news! We have partnered with Promo Labs to provide bi-weekly email campaigns and social media marketing that is 100% automated and will make you look like a creative genius.

We have negotiated exclusive pricing for Spartan, and Promo Labs is offering an introductory no-risk 90 day money back guarantee if you sign up this month.

Plans start as low as $39, and Spartan is covering your $99 setup fee to get started if you sign up before June 28th.

Sample Campaigns

How to Get Started

Hurry, the 90-day money back guarantee is only available this month. The next campaign will feature Clearance/budget products and is a great theme during the slow summer season.

To get started:

  • Contact your dedicated Spartan Promo Labs team member.

Your Promo Labs Team