Alexander the Great

Timmothy Bush & Aqari Atkimson

Philip II

Philip was Alexander's father, however he was assassinated. Alexander saw his father as a role model, and tried to be the best ruler- mabye become a better ruler than his father.

Alexander the Great

Alexander was a strong leader, and an even stronger military general. Alex's conquered or founded cities were all named after him... all of which are named Alexadria. Only one is not named Alexandria, but in Hungarian, it translates to Alexandria.

Bucephalus and Alex

Bucephalus was a horse who would throw anyone, and everyone, off of his back, however when Alexander was 14 years old, he befriended the horse. Charging into battle with Becephalus would srtike fear into anyone. When Bucephulas had become too old and weak, Alex would ride Bucephalus to the battle lines, to switch to a stronger horse. Alex's best animal friend was put down because Alex did not want to be in pain anymore. Bucephalus might have been very ill. Departure had to be difficult for both Alex and Bucephalus.

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Egypt, vast land, most of that land is sand. Scortching heat during the day, freezing cold in the night. Alexander wanted to invade Egypt, and he did. Alexander 'conquered' Egpyt, however the Egyptians made him a ruler, and liked him very much.


Alexander, powerful, monumental, and a true leader. Governing the best and largest army at the time, Alex invaded Persia. Persia did not accept Alex from choice, like the Egyptians did. Battles were won and lost from both sides, but Alex conquered and continued to plauge the map of his towns, Alexandria's.


Alexander continued his conquest to expand his land. India was his target. Alex had some trouble, but he was victorious in conquering India.