Kaley Hill

"The Unicorn and the Horse"

One morning a unicorn was eating grass and flowers in a beautiful garden and a pretty waterfall that was light purple. This unicorn was very special because it can fly too, she was a unicorn and a Pegasus combined she called herself a punicorn. Then out of knower a horse showed up and just wanted some food, "Hello", said the horse," How are you"

" What are you doing here this is my property!", said the punicorn,, " only pretty creatures can be here, and you are not pretty, besides while you walk on your pity little legs, I fly". Then one day the horse came back, and in very short time a storm appeared and it cut off a bit of the punicorns wing , the punicorn then fell to the ground, then a hurricane came over and almost took the punicorn away the punicorn was stuck and didn't know how to walk because she always flew then the horse quickly put her on its back and ran away both safe and sound, they've been friends ever since.

The Theme is Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover