Jones News

October 21, 2016

Message from Mrs. Jones

What a week! The students are growing so fast! Their knowledge and understanding of the concepts we are covering is exciting.

We are working on having good transitions between classes AND during our workshop time. The expectation for this time is "Quick and Quiet." Our class is catching on to this expectation and it creates an increase in learning time. WAY TO GO!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Get outside and enjoy the fall weather.

Mrs. Jones

Positive Post-Its!

This week, we have focused on student growth. At the start of the week, I challenged the students to find ONE area to focus on and be intentional about their growth in that area. Below you will find some of their positives on the "Growth" from this week. Enjoy!

"I can be a friend that is always kind."

"I did not like my growth, but it taught me something."

"I've grown as a student and friend."

"I am able to expand my mind more and more."

"I have grown in researching certain topics."

"I am growing as a student because I am getting better at writing."

"I am growing because I am understanding more and more of what and why we are learning about something. I'm listening and focusing."

"We are all learning and growing together."

"I am growing even more in math and writing and I am very proud of myself."

Language Arts Goals - Week of 10/24

As writers, we will continue our work on researching primary sources to create deeper understanding of our topics as we write.

Word study will continue and we will have an assessment on Friday 10/28.

As readers, we will use strategies to find patterns and main ideas within complex texts to support our writing.

Social Studies and Science Goals - Week of 10/24

In Social Studies, we will continue our study on Westward expansion. We will focus on cattle trails (continued), Native Americans, and the Spanish-American War. We will learn the significance of all of these and their impact on the economy in the 19th century.

Science will be all about genetics. We will continue our study on DNA and how genes are passed down through the generations. We will practice using Punnett Squares to predict inherited traits.

Successful Practices

Daily Reading 15-20 minutes

Daily Studying 15-20 minutes

Word Study is due every Friday

***Rigor and Review work: This work is graded each week and serves as a GREAT review of concepts already covered AND concepts that are currently being learned. It challenges them to look for deeper meaning. Sometimes, this process of digging deeper requires some research. I am really proud of the effort that is invested in this work each week.

ITBS Testing Dates

October 26, 27, & 28 AND November 2 & 3

**During testing, there will be not classroom volunteers OR parent lunches. Thank you for your understanding and patience with this expectation.

Upcoming Assessments

FRI // 10/28 // Math Fractions Quiz

FRI // 10/28 // Word Study Quiz

FRI // 10/26 // Genetics and Heredity Assessment

***Social Studies - Chapter 3 Study guide has been given out. Be sure to work on this as our Unit test will be here before you know it. :)

Other Information

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