Miss Zohoranacky's Class

Multiplying Mixed Fractions is Our New Everest

Mixed Fractions

First of all, the students all did great when we were adding and subtracting mixed fractions. It is a strange movement from using only fractions and improper fractions to using mixed fractions. The difficulty that students are having with mixed fractions is how to change them to improper fractions and vice versa.

Video of Mixed Fraction to Improper Fractions

Mixed numbers to improper fractions

Multiplying Fractions and Final Answer

All of the students are doing great at multiplying the fractions once they are in the improper form. Some students need more work on making their multiplication more of an automatic process, but all of them are able to have a full understanding of this process. Once the product is found, the improper fraction needs to be changed back into a mixed fraction. This will follow a similar process but in reverse. Instead of multiplying and subtracting, there will be subtraction and division.
Click here to go through a step-by-step procedure.

This site goes through the entire process for one problem. There are also quizzes at the bottom. E-mail me your results once you have finished the quiz. The quizzes do say that they are at a sixth grade level. Skip the ones with negatives.