Vinson Village Newsletter

November 16, 2015

Homework & Assessments

  • We will have our Eastern Woodland Indians assessment on Thursday, November 16th. A study guide was sent home on Friday.

Book Fair

The Book Fair is here! Our class will browse on Tuesday at 12:00 pm. Students will have an opportunity to purchase books on Wednesday at 2:15 pm.

Week in Review

Math: Last week we learned about comparing and ordering decimal numbers and the relationship between decimals and fractions.

Social Studies: We continued learning about the Eastern Woodland Indians. Students became an expert on a facet of Woodland Indian life (clothing, shelter, or food) and shared their knowledge with classmates. We learned about the connection between Eastern Woodland Indians and their environment.

Language Arts: Last week we continued learning about nonfiction text features and structures. We discussed strategies for tackling the hard parts of nonfiction, such as rereading and taking notes. In addition, we learned how to gather ideas for essay writing. Students wrote about an important person, place, or object in their life.

Science: On Friday, students met their group members for their children's book project. Each group will create a picture book about a Virginia organism. We learned about how to work as a group. Students watched an entertaining skit performed by the fourth grade teachers about how to work as a group.

This Week

Math: We will continue working with decimals in math. This week we will learn about rounding, estimating, and adding/subtracting decimal numbers.

Social Studies: We will have our Eastern Woodlands assessment on Thursday. Our next unit is Jamestown!

Language Arts: We will continue to learn and apply the strategies of good nonfiction readers and writers.

Science: Students will select their Virginia organism on Friday. They will begin research on the organism's life cycle, niche, as well as other important characteristics. All work will be done in school.

Possible Questions to Ask Your Learner:

  • What are the three main American Indian languages spoken in Virginia? (Algonquin, Siouan, and Iroquoian)
  • How did the Eastern Woodland Indians adapt to their environment?
  • What is the relationship between decimals and fractions?