What Is Science


Key Idea #1 As scientists seek to understand the natural world, they use skills such as observing, inferring, and predicting.

Science - A way of learning about the natural world and knowledge gained through a process

Observing - Using your senses to gather information

Predicting - Making a forecast of what will happen in the future based on past evidence

Inferring - making an educated guess based on observation

Scientific Inquiry - asking questions about what you observe

Key Idea #2 - The Earth has 4 main parts

1. Atmosphere= Outermost; mixture of gases -> Nitrogen & Oxygen

2.Hydrosphere= Hydrosphere->water=anything with water;oceans,lakes,rivers,ice

3.Lithosphere= solid, rocky outer layer; our continents & smaller landmasses

4.Biosphere= all living thing; extends into the other three

Key Idea#3 The topography of an area includes:

1) Elevation - The height above sea level of a pt. on Earth's surface

2) Relief - The difference in elevation between highest & lowest parts

3)Landforms - A feature of topography such as hills or valley.

Key Idea #4 There are three main types of landforms

1)Plains - Nearly flat on gently rolling land with relief

2)Mountains - High elevation & high relief; Mountain range, Rocky Mountains = Mountain Belt

3)Plateaus - High elevation & and or less surface

Key Idea #5 When any accident occurs, no matter how minor, notify your teacher immediantely