WCHS Online Resources

Databases and E-books for Research and Presentations

How This Works

These resources are databases (searchable collections of articles from all kinds of newspapers, magazines, and journals) and e-books that Western provides to students and teachers through the AEA or through a school subscription. Since they are paid for, you need a username and password to access them. That information is available to students anytime in the LMC at school.

Magazine, Newspaper, and Journal Articles

Gale Sites, SIRS, and CQ Researcher are all searchable databases that will help you find reliable, peer-reviewed articles on your topic. Check out the descriptions below to see which one will best fit your needs.

Online Books

The Gale Virtual Reference Library, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Culture Grams are all longer reference works that will be helpful for writing research and reports on topics other than current events/issues. For example, they are especially useful for historical and literary topics.

Images and Sound Clips

Sometimes finding and citing images or sound clips for presentations can be tricky. AP Images, iClipart, and soundzabound offer easily searchable databases for images and sounds that are royalty-free and can be used in presentations and posters without fear of infringing on copyright.

Educational Videos

Discovery Streaming, the AEA Digital Library, and Learn360 all offer teachers (and motivated students) the opportunity to browse and download educational videos. These searchable databases make it easy to add media into the classroom!
Happy searching!