Rene Descartes

"I am thinking therefore I exist."


I am looking for a position at This Company where I can maximize leadership skills, and create new and exciting tools.

Experience- Was the father of modern philosophy. His contributions extend to mathematics and physics.


I have great and also work well either alone or with a group. I have also worked on some small projects and also on some huge projects. I was born on March 31, 1596.

My nationality is French. I went to school at University of Poitiers, Prytanee National Militaire


I am a strong contributor and significant presence in the growing intellectual and scientific activity.

As well as being a mathematician, I established myself in physics as the discoverer of the law of refraction in optics and in philosophy for my most famous work Meditations on First Philosophy.

Job History

I was a Philosopher.

First work- My first major work, Rules for the Direction of the Mind, was written by 1629 but was not published until 1701. The work begins by assuming that man's knowledge has been limited by the belief that science is determined by the various objects of experience.