Five goals

Micael Cabrea

My five Goals

First goal: i want to accomplish is pass all my classes with a B+ or higher

Second goal: Try to get a good connection with my teacher

Third goal: Complete and turn in all my work on the day its due (Try)

Fourth goal: Have effective work when doing my assignments

Fifth goal: Come to school more often


Five goal explanations

During this second semester i have a lot to catch up on. In order for me to accomplish what i want to accomplish i have too raise all my grades up with a 80 or higher. I believe that for me to accomplish my goals i should try to get a good connection with my teachers, even though its hard sometimes. My first semester i think i could've done better, I didn't turn in many assignments on time, so this second semester im trying to accomplish too turn in more work. Effective work is a great way too pass my classes, So this second semester i have to show what i can do when it comes to work. In my first semester i had alot of absences and absences affect the way you can learn, but your also missing alot of work through out the day. So second semester i need too have less absences.
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