Career Project Physician

Isiah Warfield March 8, 2016


In this project we are supposed to find different careers and do research on them and choose what career we are most interested in. The careers that i had options to choose were Chief Executive, Sports Broadcaster and Physician . What a Sports Broadcaster does is they tell the latest news on what is going on in the sports world. A Chief Executive or a CEO and what they do is they are the head of companies and they run the business. A physician is a doctor who works with people when they are having heath issues that have to do with physical things. What I did to choose the career i wanted is researched all the topics and choose the one that fitted me most.
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The pat i choose to do for my project was a physician. I picked this one because i like helping people that are hurt. Also i can help professional athletes, and that is what i like to do lay sports so this job can help me stay near the athletic world. Somebody with this job during the day they usually see many patients and do lots of paperwork. They make around $90 and hour or over $187000 per year. The colleges i would want to attend for this career would be either the University of Sanford or University of Ohio State. The type of degrees i would need To be a Physician would be a Doctor of Medicine or a Doctor of Osteopathy. Also what is required is a on job training internship.
What it would cost to attend these colleges with including my dorm room cost it would be about 64,477 a year. There about 708,00 thousand jobs out there so when i graduate and the job in on an incline of about 14% i should have a great chance to have this career. In this career i would like to live in the area of South Carolina. I choose this area because it does not have that high of taxes also giving me a chance to keep a lot of the money i make.
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In conclusion i would enjoy this career mostly because it helps me help other people and possibly stay close to the athletic world. Also those schools are the top schools in the country when it comes to this job career. Making $90 dolars an hour also doesnt sound to bad either.