Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of September 9th-13th

Week in Review

What a fast week! It was a short one with the holiday on Monday, but boy, did we accomplish a lot in the four days we had together. The Math Diagnostic assessment is complete, and I will be sharing the scores at Parent-Teacher conferences. In reading and writing, we set up our workshop expectations and practiced Reading to Self daily. In Social Studies, we focused on communities, and how to be a responsible citizen. Friday the 6th was our first library day, and we had a blast! The students should be bringing home their library books home for the weekend, so have fun reading the new books!

What We Will Be Learning This Week.....

Math: This will be a real working week in math! On Monday, I wil be giving the students a Time Pre-Assessment to see what students already understand about time for ongoing work throughout the year. The rest of the week be devoted to setting up our Problem Solving Notebooks and starting Problems of the Day from Tuesday-Friday. Students are expected to solve these problems in the context of everyday experiences and they will use logical reasoning to justify their thinking.

What you can do at home: Practice telling time on analog clocks. The expectation is that students will understand how to tell time TO THE MINUTE and differentiate between am/pm by the end of 2nd grade. Also, ask your students to justify why one number is bigger than another (why is 96 bigger than 69? how do you know? Focus on place value)

Reading: This week, we will continue to focus on Making Connections in our reading using text-to-self and text-to-text connections. We will be reading a variety of texts, both informational and fictional. I will also begin assessing each student's independent reading level, something that will be shared at conferences.

What you can do at home: When students are reading to themselves or if you read together, as them if they have any connections to the text. Get them to dig deeper by asking, "what does this connection help you understand about the story?" FYI, a text-to-self connection is when something in a story reminds you of something in your own life. A text-to-text connection is when one book reminds you of something in another book.

Science: Yay, our first week of Science! The big focus will be on Science Safety. This week, the students will conduct classroom investigations following safety procedures. The students are expected to identify and demonstate safe practices as described in the Texas Safety Standards during classroom investigations, including wearing safety goggles, washing hands, and using materials appropriately.

What you can do at home: Ask your student how you can be safe in a science lab. Why is safety important in when performing experiments and/or investigations?

Writing: In writing this week, we will be continuing to set up expectations for writing workshop. The mini-lessons will be centered around telling stories in illustrations and drawing even hard-to-make ideas! These sessions will teach students that writers can decide on a topic, envision it, and then record that meaning on the page with drawings that are representational.

What you can do at home: Encourage your student to write at home and to include illustrations with their writing. Reading picture books with illustrations and text, and books with labeled drawings (think Richard Scarry) shows students that you can represent ideas with pictures and words.

On the Calendar....

Friday, September 6th....Grandparents Luncheon

Tuesday, September 10th @ 6:30 pm....PTA Meeting and Club Night

Friday, September 13th....Library Day and Book Orders Due

Monday, September 16th...Homework Due

Wednesday, September 25....Early Release, Parent Conference Day

Wednesday, October 2nd.....Picture Day

Monday, October 14th... Savannah's Birthday!

Friday, October 25th... Jake's Birthday!

Tuesday, October 29th.....TAG Parent Info Night

Spotlight Stallion

Our first Spotlight Stallion this year is Savannah Ginsburg! Savannah had an awesome first two weeks showing off the Sommer Expectations! Have a great weekend with Peter, Savannah!


Homework is posted on my website. I will give paper copies to the students on Monday (the day it is actually assigned). You may choose to print it over the weekend and get a head start. It is due on Monday, September 16th.

Room Mom

Our Room Mom for this year is Jessica Blanchard (Maddie's mom)! Thank you so much for volunteering! Below you will find her email address. Be on the lookout for emails from her. Class t-shirt orders will be coming soon!