Beautycounter's Memorial Day Sale!

Featuring Top Selling Beautycounter Favorite's

The "Summer Skin Set" includes:
❤️Any Time Eye Cream for an instant moisture boost
Peppermint Lip Conditioner to protect
❤️Nourishing Cleansing Balm which doubles as a hydrating mask (I slept with this on my face last night and it's heavenly!!!!!)

$100 ($135 actual retail value)
*Balm $80, Lip condition, $20 and Anytime Eye Cream $35 is retailed at $135.. so it is like getting the Eye Cream FREE!
Ps. Band of beauty members get this shipped for FREE!

Want to know why these are some of my favs?
*the balm: (I cannot live without this product) This best-selling Nourishing cleansing balm (EWG rating 1) melts into your skin to hydrate while it cleanses, removing makeup and other impurities but never stripping away moisture. With vitamin C to brighten skin and raspberry and cranberry seed oils to hydrate, the formula can also be used as an intensely nourishing face mask. Bonus? You also get our 100% muslin cloth, softer and easier on skin than a traditional washcloth.
*eye cream: Pamper the delicate skin around your eyes with our lightweight, soothing Anytime eye cream. Rich in aloe and organic coconut oil, the unscented formula is easily absorbed and offers an instant, cooling moisture boost anytime you need it. EWG rating 2
* lip conditioner: Nourish and protect lips with our ultra-moisturizing lip balm, formulated with soothing and softening avocado oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and jojoba oil. That tingle you feel? It's refreshing peppermint and rosemary leaf oils, which cool and soothe. EWG rating 1

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