Popular Forms of Sales Promotion

The best ways to promote your product

Premium Item Give-aways

Type of marketing promotion where something is given away for free in order to promote their product/service
Items such as wristbands, hats cups, pens, bags ect. are examples of item give-aways


Promotional scheme in which participants compete for prizes by accomplishing something that requires skill, no fee is charged for participating in a contest.

Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest is a good example of a promotional contest


Promotional scheme in which prizes are given to winners selected only by chance.

A good example of a sweepstakes is entering to win a vacation sponsored by an airline


A small amount of something that is offered to someone to try in order to sell it to the consumer.
Letting the customer sample the product promotes it well because the customer will be able to try the product before they buy it

Point of Purchase Displays

The location or medium at which a product is purchased by an end-user

Point of Purchase displays like this one are a great way to promote simple products because it catches the consumers eye for that last minute buy

Special Events

The activity of designing or developing a themed activity, occasion, display, or exhibit to promote a product, cause, or organization.

Firework shows at baseball games are a great way to bring in more people to the games


Discount offer printed in newspapers or magazines, attached to a packaging, or mailed out to encourage the customer to attend an event.

Offering coupons make the consumer want to buy your product because they are getting a discounted price