At Canna Cascadia....We Offer Hope And Healing

Happy And Legal In Oregon

Canna Cascadia has received the license to consult and heal people and pets with Canna Paste!

Cannabis Paste is the most natural and efficient form of medical cannabis today. We are so excited to bring Canna Paste to you! The natural form of cannabis medicine is best, no alcohol and no over-processing. Our product has gone through stringent testing.

Canna Paste is so much more affordable than the oil and more delicious because we use only coconut oil and the whole buds. Go to our website and leave us a message at our contact us page and we will give you your password to our products page.

Cure Your Pet The Humane Way

Are you hoping there is a way to save your dog's life from cancer? People around the world are learning about Cannabis Paste as New Cure for Dogs. Chemotherapy is as foolish and deadly to dogs as it is for humans. So what natural alternatives are there? Here are couple steps recommended. Please, contact us at Canna Cascadia for a free consultation.
  • Cannabis Paste added to the food
  • Eliminate Carbs
  • Curcumin, a derivative of the Indian spice turmeric
  • Antioxidants (carotenoids, vitamins C and E, selenium
  • Throw out the horrible dog food and cook from scratch for example Chicken breast and vegetables.

At Canna Cascadia Our Mission Is Our Purpose

Finding Our Purpose -
Heeding the call of our higher purpose today, our aspirations will lead us to success through the genuine work of our souls.

Todd and Holly and Canna Cascadia -

It is said that a person cannot really be truly happy until they find their purpose, one that crosses over into their occupation; we spend a great majority of our time at work. I believe in transitions and change, a better world, and a cleaner one. I believe that people should have the freedom to make their own choices, to be there own unique self and live in peace.
I am a keeper of Mason Bees, and take part in an effort to save the bees. No bees, no food!

I like to live simply and endeavour to be a better person as the years continue to pass, doing what I can to make the world a better place for all people.
Paths have crossed and I found my purpose at the crossroads, it is to help people and their pets be healthy and cured of illness and disease with Canna Paste from New Cure, offering hope and healing. - Todd

Canna Cascadia Blog

I believe that balance in all things is the true meaning of happiness and that you can create change in our world one person at a time. With this in my heart, I came to New Cure and found the purpose I have been seeking, happiness is mine.
That Cannapaste is the most effective form of Cannabis paste on the market today and is the only natural medicinal cannabis paste of it's kind to balance THC and CBD levels and maintain these important levels through the production process, which condensed in this form is bringing hope to people who had none.
Our purpose at Canna Cascadia is to help you, your pets and the ones you love, to bring you hope and healing with Canna Paste along with our love and support.

To new beginnings and new challenges!
Canna Cascadia Healing Oregonians with the Canna Paste cure -

Peace, Love and Hope - Holly

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What If Cannabinoids in Cannabis Cured Cancer & Other Diseases?
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How Can I Get Cannabis Paste?

Anyone Over 21 Can Get Cannabis Paste! In states with legalized medical use. In some states, it may require a Patient Medical Marijuana Card or Caretaker Card. If you own a dispensary or clinic, contact us for wholesale opportunities