News of the Week

October 17-21

Important Reminders!

Here are a few reminders for next week:

  • In Friday Folders is a green bag containing a piece of your child's artwork and a chance to order magnets, coffee mugs, note cards, etc with the print. This is a fundraiser for our school as well as a great time to get gifts! I always order magnets with my kids' artwork on them as a gift for grandparents and for our fridge at home!

  • For our Respect the Mill Day today, we had the Hands Are Not For Hitting puppet show come to our school. We watched the important lesson about using our hands and our words to help instead of hurt. Later, we did an activity where we traced our hand and drew something good that hands are for on it. An activity book is coming home in Friday Folders; the kids started them in class, but can finish them at home if they wish.

  • Just so you can plan ahead, there is a United Way Dress-Up Day on Monday, October 31st. Kids are welcome to wear a costume or dress like a book character. Please no masks or accessories (swords, wands, etc). The cost is a $2 donation to United Way which you can put in their folder. Thanks for your support!

  • Don't forget to fill out and send in the reading log in the yellow PIR folder each Tuesday. The kids love meeting with our PIR parent and making progress on our chart!

  • Please try to send a water bottle each day, it really helps cut down on visits to the hallway water fountain during the day.

  • The FMES Fall Festival is Friday, November 4th at the Buford Corn Maze. Get your tickets now for a really fun family night!

  • Have you checked out all the awesome LINKS that I have added to the bottom newsletter lately? There are tons of activities, songs, Brain Pop videos and more to reinforce what we've been working on in class! These are great for "homework" or fun at-home practice!

Bag Books:

  • I hope you have been enjoying reading the books in your child's bag book! If you forgot to return them on Friday, please send them back on Monday so we can send home new books next week.
  • I so appreciate your help with keeping our classroom books safe!!

Weight, Force, and Gravity!

We did lots of fun hands-on experiments with our math and science concepts!

In math, we circulated through six mystery bag stations exploring which bag was heavier and which was lighter. We recorded our results, and at the very end, we got to see what was in each bag!

In science we explored force with pushes. We each got a car to push and cubes to measure how far it went. We counted the number of cubes our car traveled! Later in the week, we explored gravity with ramps. We built a ramp with our group and sent different kinds of objects down. We were exploring which objects moved with gravity and which needed a push to get started. We also explored how making our ramp higher and lower changed the speed.

...Skills We Will Work On Next Week...

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Links to Try

Here are some fun links you can try at home for practice on the skills we've been working on in class!



Force & Motion



Maps & Columbus Day

Sight Words

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