Grobe's Groovin' Group News

Week of November 4- 8

Fantastic Lit Circles

I have been so pleased with the literature discussions that I have been witnessing. The kids are learning to defined their opinions and justify their thoughts about what they are reading. It is quite exciting to hear many of their discussions and responses.

Friday, we had a big surprise when a very important McKinney School Curriculum Specialist showed up to see first hand how I conduct literature circles and to see my kids in action. She was so inspired that she videoed many of their conversations and even interviewed a kiddo or two on their experiences with the procedure. The McKinney specialist just raved and raved about what she saw! SO YAY to all of your amazing children!

Look At What We Were Up To

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 12:

PTA Board Meeting @ 6:30

Thursday 14:

Book Fair Preview

PTA Meeting @ 6:30

Friday 15:

Book Fair Opens

Learning Objectives

I will…..

Reading: read a trickster tale and understand foreshadowing within the story.

Writing: focus on adding details and editing my first draft.