Taking Action Against Bullying

Jane Bingham

What is Bullying?

Bullying can be many different things. For example if one person, the aggressor (often bigger and stronger) makes fun of another person called the target (often smaller and weaker, and in some cases even handicapped or a disabled person). Bullies injure the targets self esteem by making fun of them, telling them that their hair looks bad and that the clothes they are look bad on them. Also bullies physically inflict pain on the target. Most bullies use instant messaging or online sites to bully people. This is called cyber bullying. The target can feel a variety of things when they are being bullied, and after they are bullied. Many of them feel scared and alone because the bully terrorizes them and makes them feel like they have no friends. Some of them feel sick and depressed. Most of the targets feel angry at the cruel treatment that they are getting and wonder what they did to deserve a bully. Some targets feel so bad about themselves that they inflict self pain by cutting themselves or inflicting other pain to themselves. In rare cases the targets commit suicide.

Who gets bullied?

Anyone can get targeted by a bully. Some people get bullied for their race, color, or religion. Bullies sometimes call their targets insulting names and mock their religion. They may also taunt young people about what food they eat or the cloths they wear. Many kids get picked on because they are overweight. Bullies might bully people because they are homophobic. Bullies bully people because a father, mother, brother, or step-brother, or step-father has abused or bully them. Some people bully so they can "look cool" in front of their friends or classmates. Other people bully people because they are in a posse.

Beating Bullying.

Though there are terrifying ways people pick on each other it can be stopped! The fist thing one can do is find help or ask an adult for advice. Also one can call a helpline or go to different websites to get help. A person can also beat bullying by not letting what the bully says affect you and do not show that you are hurt. Some people meditate with their bully to show them how they feel. Bullying does not only happen in school but also at home and for adults at work too.


Aggressor: A person who attacks first or initiates hostilities.

Homophobic: Homosexuals.

Posse: Gang or a group of people who hurt one person together.

Helpline: A telephone service that helps people in need or who get bullied.

Meditation: An arrangement of which a bully and a victim meet together and give their views of the situation at .hand

By Gideon Jardine