Hamurrabi's Code: It isn't just

It's fair to all! Or is it...?

Hammurabi's Code isn't just.

Many people are agreeing, and disagreeing with this new list of laws King Hammurabi made. But in this flyer, I will prove to you these laws are unfair, thus, not just.

Social Classes

In Hammurabi's Code, many of the laws' punishments are bias to the higher classes. For example I will quote these two laws, which are said to be "eye for an eye":

Law 196: "If a man has knocked out the eye of a free man, his eye shall be knocked out."

Law 199: "If he has knocked out the eye of a slave . . . he shall pay half his value."

See, it even says an eye for an eye... for a free man only. Slaves are still human, why treat 'em like they're not!

Accident or not... guilty!

In the epilogue of Hammurabi's Code, it says that even if the crime isn't on purpose, it will have the same punishment. Now... is that fair!? At least give the man a discount. Speaking of accidents, when you are a surgeon, you can get 10 shekels of silver, or have your hands cut off. So one slip, there goes your hands.

Conclusion: Hammurabi's Code is not just.

Shown by all of the evidence (trust me, there's even more) Hammurabi's Code isn't just. Sure it has a base of rules everyone can read, it just doesn't seem fair.