First Grade News


Week at a Glance

Monday- In math we began a new unit on measurement. In reading we learned the sight words for our new unit. We also worked on words with a consonant vowel pattern and spelling. In writing we used a graphic organizer to begin an opinion piece on what we thought of first grade.Tuesday- In math we had fun measuring with cube a links. In reading we read a story about Mia Hamm.  It was titled, Winners Never Quit .   In the afternoon we had guided reading.  We also wrote an opinion piece about frisrt grade.Wednesday- We enjoyed having dads, uncles, grandpops, and friends to our Father Day breakfast.  In math we measured with cube a links and paperclips.  Mrs. Bech invited us to see her word family presentation.  It was great!  We had fun with ipads in the afternoon as well as working on our 1st grade memory book.Thursday- Today we used rulers to measure in math.  We learned about inches and feet and practiced estimating and measuring length. In reading we worked on the comprehension of Winners Never Quit.  We also worked on prefixes, suffixes, and syllable patterns.Friday- We used rulers again today in math, but this time we measured in centimeters.  In reading, we practiced the sight words, worked on adjectives that compare and read a story.  In the afternoon we worked on our memory book.  We also read a Scholastic News article and wrote about the main idea and supporting details.



The last day of school is Wednesday, June 19th.  Dismissal is at 12:15.Pics of our Father's Day breakfast are on the website.