Gifted, Grade 5

with Mr. Horak (January 5-9)

Conversation Starters

The 5th grade gifted classes are beginning a new communication system to help parents start academic conversations with their children. We will begin sending home our learning goals for the week, to help parents talk about what we did for the day and week. This means no more “What did you do today?” with the response of “nothing much” or “I don’t remember.”

Reading: (Tuesday-Friday)

1. What is Theme? (A review)

2. What are Story Elements? ( A review)

3. What are the New England Settlements? (Plymouth Colony)

4. Where are the Dutch and French Colonies?

5. Review: Coming to America

Writing: (Tuesday-Friday)

1. What is Opinion writing?

2. Review Informational/ Explanatory writing.

Math: (Tuesday-Friday)

1. Introduction to Fractions

2. Adding Unlike Denominators

3.Subtracting Unlike Denominators

4. Estimating Sums and Differences

Content: (Tueday-Friday)

1. The Solar System

2. What objects are part of the solar system?

3. How do we observe objects in the solar system?

4. What are galaxies and Stars?



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Our Scholar of the week is.....

Emma Sisco!

Emma has one true passion, and it is SOCCER! When asked, Emma talks about SOCCER this, and SOCCER that. Her favorite sport is soccer! Her favorite activity is soccer! Her favorite family activity is playing SOCCER with her brother in the garage; oh yeah, and swimming in their pool too. Her favorite fun hobby is, you guessed it, soccer. She likes it because she can work on her skills, practice, and get better.

Her favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. Emma expressed to me how it just makes her feel good! You gotta LOVE that!

In school Emma likes math and learning new math concepts. She also likes recess and playing.... SOCCER (with her friends)!

When Emma goes to college, she wants to attend the University of North Carolina, and study economy. Emma wants to become an economist and play professional soccer when she is an adult. Thank you Emma for being this week's, SCHOLAR OF THE WEEK!